Who offers very good mobile app development services?

When you ask someone everyone says they are best. When you job in freelancing website; price varies from $1000 – $10,000, Time Varies from 1 month to 3 Months. Hiring takes 15 days and 80% freelancing jobs are unsuccessful.

Many USA Client says, “Indian Developers are Not Good”

No, it’s not true that Indian software engineers are considered bad hires in the US. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Indians dominate engineering at American tech companies. And they are not just the worker grunts. Indian CEOs now run Microsoft and Google. So the Best Answer of your question is  Indian developers are not good in India, but When they reach the USA they become Google & Microsoft CEO. Indian IT industry is the  second largest after China but will overtake them soon as well .

 So its better to choose good company instead of hiring free lancer and waste the time , Now people hire Srishta Technology Pvt Ltd, and They take complete responsibility to hire, manage and deliver product at the better price, great quality and fast delivery.

Srishta Technologies is one of the best Mobile App Development Company. They help to develop Application on various platform such as Android, ios, web application,etc. They are providing  services in affordable prices only. For more details visit Web site Mobile Application Development – iPhone, iPad & Android Apps.

Srishta Technology Focus :

1. They believe in the quality instead of price.
2. 100% Project delivery .
3. Hiring full-time team in the USA and Hiring a team in India with same experience has approx. 60% price difference.