What are the best smartphone hacks?

What are some cool smartphone hacks? so Here are some cool smartphone hacks

1.Fake location :-

  • Go to settings and about phone section and tap on build number 7 times to unlock developer options from there you can enable mock locations and then download fake location GPS app stuff and set your location anywhere and you can fool others on Facebook app that you are somewhere else and fool other apps that ask for GPS location

2.Remove system apps :-

  • After rooting your phone download System app remover from playstore and use it to remove many unwanted system apps that you can’t normally trust me I have saved upto 2 GB of internal memory

3.Increase RAM :-

  • Do you have a GBs of external SD card space with no use get ROEHsoft ram expander (root users only) you can convert a desired amount of SD card space into system swap RAM that will be used when system is out of memory and will make apps perform better and remove lagging (your kernel must support swap partition to use this app)

4.Hacking hub :-

  • Download the app Linux deploy and use it to install Kali Linux or any other distro of your choice on your phone and use aircrack and hydra like softwares on your phone to hack WiFi and website passwords

5. Free stuff :-

  • After rooting and installing Busy box download Lucky patcher or Freedom app and install nodded playstore from lucky patcher and then for every app you download from playstore or sideload you can hack their in-app purchases and get free stuff or game coins 7/10 times guaranteed

6. Access blocked content :-

  • Want to use Spotify , Netflix , Hulu from India or any unauthorized country ? Just download Cyberghost app from playstore and use it to connect to a VPN of a country of your choice.For example if I use and connect to Germany my IP address will show somewhere in Frankfurt and my actual IP is hidden now I can download apps from playstore blocked in my country and use websites blocked in my region and it also encrypts your connection so no one ever knows what you are doing online and your purchases are always safe

7.Battery life :-

  • After rooting download Greenify (donate version apk) and use it to hibernate many user and system apps (be cautioned here) now hibernated apps won’t use battery and memory in background when you hibernate them this saves RAM and battery life (I now have 8 extra hours of battery backup even after heavy WiFi usage)

8.Build.prop editing :-

  • Did you know that your phone camera does not use it’s full potential and you get only 6 MP picture quality on 8 MP camera ? Not anymore once you have rooted download Build.prop editor app and add entry
    And set it’s value to 100 so it looks like
    Ro.ril.max.jpeg.quality = 100
    More hacks like that are possible by editing the build.prop file for example you can fake your device name like fake using a Samsung Galaxy S6 while running a Micromax phone and enjoy unsupported apps and much more

9.Ad blocking :-

  • Root users can download Adaway apk and install modified host file and enjoy ad-free apps and websites.

10.Kaboom the self destructing app :-

  • In today’s world we are always concerned if our pictures end up in the wrong hands online and who might see it so i brought you an app to solve all your worries presenting Kaboom ,

How Kaboom Works

1. create a message inside the app, which generates a unique, HTTPS-protected web address

2. set for how long – or how many views—you want the message to last before it expires or self-destructs

3. select recipients – even the ones without Kaboom

4. share the link (on the platform of your choice)

5. and Kaboom, you’re all set!

Download this app and share pictures without any worries

So that’s all for today folks I will keep adding more stuff Adieu till next time