Top 8 Foods You Should Never Feed Your Dog


8 Caffeine

Having a cup of coffee might give you momentary energy. But in the case of your doggie it is just the opposite. Since the coffee has caffeine in it. If strong in dosage it is not ideal for puppies. Not just cocoa, but all the caffeinated goods like tea, chocolate, soft drinks, candy and ice creams. Which amount of caffeine is bad for your dog depends on different factors including dog size.

7 Grapes and Raisins

Grape and raisin are harmful for dogs of any race or age. Consumption of such products will induce your dog’s kidney failure. Seedless and seedless grapes are both dangerous to the puppy. Statistics on toxic dose are not clear. But in certain dogs only a limited quantity of grapes may cause illness.

6 Walnut

One of the nuts you shouldn’t feed your dog is walnut. Not deadly but can cause severe disease in dogs. Eating English, Japanese, or Black walnut may cause dog intestinal disorders. Treatment for this condition is a must. Moldy black walnut nuts are harmful to dogs too. Consuming would result in seizure and tremor.

5 Onion and Garlic

No matter what shape onion and garlic are bad for dogs. Garlic is more active between these two vegetables. In dogs even a small amount of garlic might cause problems. Red blood cell destruction is the principal threat caused by the use of garlic and onion in dogs. It triggers anemia.

4 Mushrooms

Mushrooms are almost anywhere to be found. But, differentiating between toxic and non-toxic mushrooms is very difficult. When your dog is spending time in mushroom growing areas, you need to be very vigilant. Because even certain mushrooms can cause death. The common symptoms of mushroom poisoning include vomiting , diarrhea, seizures, tremors or heavy drooling. That severe condition requires immediate medical attention.

3 Chocolate

You should never be feeding your doggie with chocolates. Chocolates can cause your dog to develop serious illness or even death. Chocolates have a toxic ingredient known as theobromine. It can be handled on a moderate level by human body without any question. But dogs may be upset. The theobromine levels varied according to the type of chocolate. Cocoa powder and dark chocolate carry the highest theobromine level. The amount of intake and thickness, in addition to the form of chocolate, also decide the toxicity. Small dogs have an easy influence on chocolate poisoning than big dogs do. The high intake of chocolate can cause epilepsy, internal bleeding, heart attack and even death.

2 Xylitol

Xylitol is a sugar substitute or sweetener commonly used and is particularly dangerous for dogs. It uses many good items, such as candies, gum, jam, protein bars and chocolate, in the production. Unlike humans, xylitol triggers rapid insulin release into the bloodstream. It allows blood sugar to dip below usual level. During a higher dose event the dog will develop liver failure as well. Without proper treatment the condition would even end in death.

1 Alcohol

You think you and your dog are terrible at alcohol. The problem is: how much is your dog too soon? Even tiny doses can affect dogs. Not just liquor, beer and wine, but all products containing alcohol are harmful to dogs. For dogs, alcohol poisoning causes problems with vomiting, nausea, balance and respiration. Large dose affects the liver, kidney and nervous system. This disease frequently progresses to collapse, or even death.