Top 7 Most Beautiful Aquatic Flowers in The World


7 Water Poppy

An aquatic plant species in the Alismataceae is Hydrocleys nymphoides, the waterpoppy or water-poppy. It is widespread across South America, the Netherlands Antilles, Central America, Puerto Rico, Trinidad and. Water poppy grows comfortably on the cool waters of shallow ponds. It needs sunshine to the full. This plant spreads over 18 inches on the water surface and grows to 6 inches in height. In summer this plant produces lovely lemon-yellow flowers.

6 Broadleaf Arrowhead

Sagittaria latifolia is a plant found in shallow wetlands, sometimes referred to as the broadleaf arrowhead, duck potato, Indian potato, or wapato. This plant produces edible tubers which the indigenous peoples of the Americas used extensively. Broadleaf arrowheads have an elevation of 2-4 feet on the water surface. It is growing in colonies and needs partial shade. Between July and September the beautiful white flowers are to open. The flowers found on the same stem were both male and female. Unlike female flowers, the male flowers are centered with a group of attractive yellow stamens.

5 Pickerel Weed

Pontederia cordata is a monocotyledonous aquatic plant native to the American continent, common name for pickerelweed or pickerelweed. It grows in a variety of wetlands, including the margins of ponds and lakes across an extremely wide range from the south to Argentina in eastern Canada. Usually the pickerel weed plants grow 1-2 feet above water. Their glittering, green, heart-shaped leaves grow up to 10 inches long. The vibrant, blue flowers open from June to October.

4 Water Hawthorn

The aquatic flowering plant is called Aponogeton distachyos or Aponogeton distachyum, also known as waterblommetjie, Cape-pondweed, water hawthorn, vleikos and Cape pond weed.

It is an attractive aquatic plant that produces tiny white flowers, with good scent. Water hawthorns have long , narrow, floating leaves, in addition to the attractive flowers. Unquestionably, developing in your water garden is one of the best plans to do. This beautiful plant is also used as plant for aquariums. Water hawthorn has a height of up to 10 cm on the water surface and can cover 2-3 feet across. This aquatic plant blooms twice a year, from mid-spring to mid-summer and in the winter flowers are open again. The attractive white flowers emit nice, vanilla-like fragrance upon blooming.

3 Water Hyacinth

The hyacinth of water is a beautiful perennial floating plant native to tropical South America. In wetlands, streams, lakes and ditches, this plant grows well. Water hyacinths are renowned for their thick, rounded, glossy leaves and striking blue to violet flowers.

Usually, water hyacinths grow to 1 meter above the surface of the water. Their leaves grow four to eight inches wide. The water-hyacinthe plant stalk is long and spongy. It blooms summer through fall, with 6 petals forming spikes of attractive blue to violet flowers.

2 Lotus

Lotus is a popular bloomer in water gardens, and one of the most beautiful. It is a sacred Buddhist tree. Lotuses grow in lakes and in shallow ponds. Lotuses can’t live in a cold climate because they need Sunlight direct. Lotuses typically come in either pink or white colours.

Like water lilies, the lotuses are rooted in the pond or lake mud, where they live and flower and leaves float in the water. A lotus leaves have a length of up to 20 inches and flower can reach a diameter of up to 8 inches. June through mid-August is lotus blooming period. The attractive flora opens in the morning and closes at night. In addition, the eye-pleasing lotuses emit good fruity fragrance.

 1 Water Lily

Nymphaeaceae is a flowering plant genus, commonly known as the water lilies. We live in temperate and tropical climates around the world, as rhizomatous aquatic plants. The family includes five genera with approximately 70 known species.

The water lilies are rooted in the soil of the water body which they flower. With its floating flowers and large leaves the long underwater stem of water lilies attaches. They come in white , red, yellow pink, peach, violet, purple and orange in a number of colours.

The victoria amazonica or giant water lily which is native to the Amazon river basin is the world’s largest of all water lily species. Their perfectly rounded leaves measure a diameter of 4-6 feet and flowers contain 50-60 petals.