Top 5 Most Popular Casual Game Types Ever


Artillery Games

“Scorched Earth,” a game in which players had to deploy immobile tanks to kill their opponents from afar, was one of my first PC gaming experiences. The game didn’t have a lot of visual appeal, but it was jam-packed with options and weaponry to use against the adversary. And it was a lot of fun, especially when it was played in a “hot-seat” format. Many additional games, such as Worms and Rovio’s Angry Birds series, were later constructed on the same premise, with great success.

Match Three Games

Since the 1980s, matching tiles on-screen has been an enjoyable way to pass the time, and components borrowed from other classic games – such as Panel de Pon, which introduced tile switching – have improved the experience. As a result, Candy Crush and similar games have become some of the most popular casual gaming genres ever. Hundreds, if not thousands, more games based on the same principle exist today, which are referred to as “Candy Crush clones.”

Slot Machine

The slot machine is the oldest game on the list, having been created over 120 years ago. Although it is most commonly linked with gambling, it is also a delightful game that is enjoyed by millions of people across the world — with or without the use of real money. Its popularity is best seen by the sheer quantity of slots accessible – alone offers over 300, and there are thousands more. The slots have made their way across all platforms – All Slots provides them on PCs and mobile devices, and they can also be found in a variety of locations in real life. There are other “social” variations as well, but none of them compare to the All Slots in terms of diversity.

Endless running Games

The primary character in infinite or endless running games moves continually on a (typically randomly generated) course, encountering numerous hazards to avoid and rewards to gather. While comparable games (typically shooters) were popular before to Temple Run’s introduction in the early 2000s, the genre exploded in popularity. Many comparable games have since been released, including Subway Surfers, Rayman Jungle Run, Sonic Dash, and Minion Rush, to name a few.

Card Games

Card games are the oldest genre of all, if slot machines are the oldest individual games on the list. For millennia, playing cards have served as both a time killer and a moneymaker for generations. Today, we can play a wide range of card games on our smartphones and laptops, as well as with a basic deck of cards. Card games are still one of the most popular casual games ever created.