Top 10 Youngest Billionaires in the World 2021


10 Jonathan Kwok

This 29-year-old Hong Kong real estate entrepreneur has a net worth of $2.4 billion. Walter Kwok, his father, was also a real estate magnate. Jonathan, along with his other brothers, acquired the money from him. Sun Hung Kai Properties’ chairman was his father. However, he was fired from the corporation due to a conflict with his brothers. Fortunately, Jonathan’s grandmother was a co-founder of the company and named him as a beneficiary.

9 Sam Bankman-Fried

Fried, who is 29 years old, is a well-known figure in the bitcoin trading world in the United States. It’s worth noting his meteoric climb in the profession. His current net worth is $8.7 billion dollars. Alameda Research and FTX are the names of his trading businesses. Fried follows a mystical philosophy known as Effective Altruism, which states that if you make a lot of money, you should give a lot of it away. For three and a half years, he made $9 million through crypto trading. He is a self-made man who forged his own path to success. The majority of his fortune is in the form of FTX tokens and stock.

8 Stanley Tang

This Hong Kong-born entrepreneur is the co-founder and Chief Product Officer of Doordash, the most popular meal delivery service in the United States. The 28-year-old entrepreneur has a $ 2 billion net worth. He is a resident of San Francisco, California. His responsibilities at the corporation include robots, self-driving cars, and the future of last-mile delivery. He worked as a software developer at Facebook before founding this company in 2013.

7 Andy Fang

Andy Fang, a 28-year-old Chinese-American entrepreneur, is currently ranked eighth among the world’s youngest billionaires in the year 2021. His innovative business, Doordash, has given him a net worth of $ 2 billion. The company acts as a conduit between customers and local and national enterprises. Around 850 cities in the United States and Canada are covered by the network.

6 Gustav Magnar Witzoe

Gustav is a successful model, entrepreneur, and heir to a large fortune. On the World’s Youngest Billionaire Index, he is ranked sixth. His entire net worth is $4.4 billion, which he acquired from fish farming. His father gave him a 47 percent interest in the SalMAR ASA company. The billionaire is Norwegian. In addition, he has a successful career in the pharmaceutical sector. He is currently 28 years old. His firm is the world’s largest salmon producer.

5 Austin Russell

The owner and CEO of an autonomous car sensor and software startup is a 25-year-old Stanford dropout. This Californian is ranked 5th among the world’s top 10 youngest billionaires in 2021. His net worth is $2.4 billion dollars. He is one of the few persons in the self-driving vehicle sector that has achieved this level of success. This young millionaire owns 104.7 million shares of Luminar Technologies. This accounts for almost a third of the company’s shares. According to Wall Street, their Nasdaq trading is on the upper side. As a child, he was a curious and self-taught student.

4 Katharina Andresen

Katharina is a 25-year-old Norwegian lady with a net worth of $1.4 billion. Her father had left her a sizable fortune. Ferd, a multibillion-dollar investment business, is her source of fortune. In Forbes’ 35th annual billionaires list, her one-year younger brother is ranked third. She and her younger sister control 42 percent of the stock in the firm. Jonas, their father, is in charge of the company and operates it alone.

3 Alexandra Anderson

In 2021, a 24-year-old Norwegian lass is ranked third among the world’s youngest millionaires. Her net worth is $ 1.4 billion dollars. Ferd, an investment business she inherited, is the source of her riches. The yearly revenue is estimated to be approximately $ 2 billion. She was named the world’s first female billionaire earlier this year. Her sister was given a 42 percent interest in the investing business as well. Ferd is situated in Oslo and specialises in private equity holdings, real estate, and Nordic stock market transactions.

2 Wang Zelong

This 24-year-old Chinese entrepreneur has been named the world’s second-youngest billionaire. His net worth is estimated to be approximately $1.5 billion, according to Forbes. He is a titan in the titanium dioxide pigment industry. Wang Zelong is a shareholder in Lomom Billions Group and received a fortune from CNCC Hua Yuan Titanium Dioxide Co. Coatings, plastics, medicines, ceramics, hygiene goods ink, and other applications benefit from this pigment.

1 Kevin David Lehman

At the age of 18, Germany’s Lehman is the youngest billionaire in the year 2021. According to Forbes’ 35th annual billionaires list, his net worth is $3.3 billion. Kevin inherited a half-share in his father’s Drogerie Markt drugstore business. On his 14th birthday, he received the money and was placed under protection until September 2020. His drugstore business is called DM (Drogerie Markt), and it has a $12 billion yearly revenue. The business dates back to 1973, and there are about 3700 locations in Germany. A total of 41000 people work for the pharmacy company.