Top 10 Ways to Increase Your Dog’s Life


10 Take Good Care of Their Teeth

In dogs, tooth decay is a common problem, but it is far more hazardous than you might think. Not only can decayed teeth cause dental difficulties, but they can also lead to diseases in other parts of your dog’s body, including the kidneys and heart. Even while most dogs do not have fresh breath or perfectly clean teeth like people, their gums and teeth should be reasonably clean. Make sure you have a soft-bristled toothbrush and toothpaste that has been specially prepared for your dogs. It’s preferable to use a double-headed toothbrush with a 45-degree angle to clean underneath their gum line.

9 Follow Whatever Your Vet Says

Even if your dog appears to be in excellent health, you should take her to the doctor at least once a year, and twice a year as they become older. Wellness checkups are intended to aid in the maintenance of optimal health and to provide a proper record of your dog’s health history as they age. This also makes it easier for your veterinarian to spot any potential problems early on, and if a problem is detected early on, it is much easier to treat successfully.

8 Help Maintain a Healthy Weight

Obesity is a problem that affects not just humans but also pets. Dogs can quickly become overweight if they are fed too many fatty human foods, and this can also happen if they are not given enough exercise. Another technique to assist your dog live a longer life is to ensure that they are constantly within healthy weight levels. Maintain a regular feeding plan for your pet and keep note of the amount of food you give them.

7 Her Mind should be Healthy too

Mental stimulation keeps dogs happy, just like it keeps people happy. When a dog gets bored, he can become agitated, unhappy, and even sick. You must keep your dog occupied in order to extend his life. Socialization, training, one-on-one attention, and other engaging activities are all simple ways to keep your dog’s mind busy as he gets older. It is never too late for a dog to learn new tricks. As a result, you could participate in a dog sport such as agility, lure coursing, or advanced obedience training. Your dog will love these interesting activities, and your friendship will strengthen as you both master new abilities together.

6 Exercise is very important

Not only should you feed your dog the correct food, but you should also make sure they are in good physical condition. Exercise is essential for keeping your pet in shape, and it will also help them live longer. Exercise can help you relax, manage your emotions, and boost your mood by releasing endorphins. It will also keep your pet’s cardiovascular system in good shape and make her happy. Take your animal friend for regular walks or jogs to help her live longer. If your dog has a canine companion, you can simply let them run and play together off leash. This will lower her stress levels and improve her overall quality of life.

5 Allow your dog some relaxing time

Everyone, even your dog, needs to unwind from time to time. If your dog is constantly anxious, stress can have a bad effect on them. You must strike a balance so that your dog receives adequate exercise. However, he also gets some alone time to unwind. You must ensure that your dog is kept away from all types of activity and is allowed to sleep alone for at least an hour each day. Never compel children to participate in events.

4 Give affection

Just like we humans need to feel wanted and cared for in order to thrive, dogs want positive interaction as well. If you can’t give a dog enough time, affection, and love, you shouldn’t adopt one. Even rescue dogs come to life when they are given love and attention, so it will undoubtedly benefit your furry child. Spending enough quality time with them will keep them happy and help them live a longer life.

3 Keep your home clean and healthy

If your home is free of dangerous chemicals and pollutants, your dog’s chances of being unwell or acquiring allergies are greatly reduced. If your dog is always healthy and free of allergies, they have a better chance of living a longer life.

2 Neuter or spay

Your dog’s lifespan can be extended by 1-3 years by neutering or spaying them. Males who have had their testicles removed are less likely to develop testicular cancer, and they are also less likely to develop prostate problems. Spayed females are less likely to get mammary cancer, and they are also less prone to contract foetal infections in the womb.

1 Take care of their joints

Dogs’ joints, like human joints, deteriorate over time. Arthritis and dysplasia are two frequent ailments that affect pets. This is why you must ensure that your pet’s joints are in good working order. The first step is to provide them with a lean and healthy diet that includes more phosphorous-rich foods. The next step is to speak with your veterinarian about finding good dog joint supplements. If your dog’s joints are in good shape, it can extend their lives by up to two years.