Top 10 Unique Elevators in the World


10 Louvre Elevator

Schindler routinely modernises the unusual, circular elevator that was planned, manufactured, and installed beneath the renowned Louvre pyramid in the late 1980s at Paris’ historic landmark, the Louvre Museum. It has a futuristic design and is a Paris icon since it allows visitors to enter and exit the museum in a seamless and quiet manner. Guests can then step onto the slide-out walkway that appears when the circular platform comes to a stop.

9 Umeda Hankyu Building Elevator

The elevators at the Umeda Hankyu Building in Osaka, Japan, have a total size of 11.159.2 ft. There are studios in New York that aren’t even close to the size of these massive elevators. They have a capacity of 80 passengers and a weight of 5 tonnes. The reason for the huge size of these elevators is that the offices begin after the 15th level, and a significant number of people use them at the same time.

8 Globen SkyView

The Ericsson Globe is the world’s biggest hemispheric structure, located in Stockholm, Sweden. It stands 279 feet tall and has a diameter of 361 feet. There are SkyView glass gondolas on the outside of the hemisphere that take riders on a 20-minute journey up the curve to the top of the globe.

7 Maritime Museum Birdcage Elevator

The Maritime Museum is a museum dedicated to the maritime industry. The Victoria Museum’s Birdcage Elevator is North America’s oldest operational birdcage elevator. The elevator was constructed for Theodore Davie, the second Chief Justice of the British Columbian Supreme Courts, but he never got to use it because the museum was previously home to the Provincial Law Courts. It has kept its gold exterior and blue grillwork for almost a century.

6 Lloyd’s Building Elevator

The Lloyd’s Building, often known as the Inside-Out Building, is a landmark in London, United Kingdom. It features a striking architectural style, with water pipes, electricity conduits, and stairwells all located on the exterior to maximise internal space. It also includes 12 glass elevators that are situated outside. In the UK, these were the first of their sort. People are transported up and down the elevators in full view of the financial area.

5 Luxor Hotel Inclined Elevator

The Luxor Hotel is located in Las Vegas, the weird hotel capital of the world. It features a famous pyramid-shaped structure, for which it is known as the Pyramid Hotel in Las Vegas, with elevators that rise and drop on a 39-degree inclination. The elevators provide a typical riding experience, except from a short feeling, due to the level floor, making it ideal for all types of riders.

4 Rising Tide Elevator

The adage “a rising tide lifts all boats” refers to the concept that a better economy would benefit all participants, and that economic policy, particularly government economic policy, should thus focus on broad economic endeavours. The MS Oasis of the Seas, the world’s biggest cruise ship, has the Rising Tide Elevator. It’s the only elevator that also doubles as a bar. With 35 patrons/passengers on board, the elevator links the ship’s Central Park deck to its Royal Promenade. The two-story elevator ride takes 8 minutes, giving you plenty of time to savour a well prepared drink.

3 Autostadt Silos

The Autostadt Silos are located in Wolfsburg, Germany, very adjacent to Volkswagen’s headquarters. It’s a multi-level vehicle garage with no driving involved. A conveyer belt transports a finished car from the Volkswagen factory down a half-mile underground tunnel to one of the 200-foot silos, where it is scooped up by the elevator and deposited in an open slot. This elevator technology does not necessitate the use of a driver.

2 Falkirk Wheel

The Falkirk Wheel is a revolving boat lift that connects the Forth and Clyde Canal with the Union Canal near Tamfourhill, Falkirk, Scotland. For the first time since the 1930s, it links the two canals. It was built as part of the Millennium Link project and inaugurated in 2002. It’s a revolving boat lift that connects the Union Canal and the Forth and Clyde Canal, moving boats between the two canals and acting as a lift between the 79-foot-high canals. This is the only revolving boat lift in the world, with ten hydraulic motors turning it. With only 30.2 horsepower, the 600-ton machine runs precisely level.

1 AquaDom

The AquaDom is a 25-meter-tall circular acrylic glass aquarium with a built-in transparent elevator in Berlin, Germany. It is located on Karl-Liebknecht-Straße in Berlin-Mitte, within the Radisson Blu Hotel in the DomAquarée complex. It’s an 82-foot transparent elevator in the middle of the world’s largest circular aquarium, with acrylic glass holding around 260,000 gallons of saltwater and more than 1,500 different fish from 97 different species, who are fed about 18 pounds of food every day by three to four divers. There are many more unusual elevators in the globe, going up and down the world’s tallest buildings and providing passengers with spectacular views.