Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Tom Brady


10 He likes to surf as a way to relax.

He loves surfing as a way to relax, in Costa Rica in particular. A couple years back, he got into competition, and it’s been one of Brady’s favourite ways to unwind from the pressures of his career ever since. Why not choose a popular hot spot for surfing, like Hawaii or Sydney? Costa Rica is much less crowded and much more peaceful, which is ideal for someone who, whenever possible, wants to remain out of the spotlight.

9 Tom Brady has a crazy diet.

Tom Brady has a wild diet that improves his success (he eats more veggies), but he also enjoys hummus when it comes to snack time. The dip is both nutritious and sweet, which is presumably why he compares it over, say, candy bars or donuts. No news on whether, with pita chips or as a condiment, he prefers to eat his hummus. Avocado ice cream is another of his favourite nutritious treats.

8 He’s a big spender on his teammates at Christmas time.

At Christmas season, he’s a huge spender on his teammates. The quarterback often gives expensive gifts such as luxury watches and Ugg slippers to his fellow players , particularly his offensive linemen. Tom Brady is apparently far too generous to settle for cards and bags of peppermints to be handed out. Too much class he’s got for that. We wouldn’t be disappointed if, sooner or later, Gronk owned a motorcycle.

7 Tom Brady’s hate for losing started when he was a young boy.

The resentment of Tom Brady for losing began when he was a young child, playing golf with his dad. His father never let him win out of pity, and over the years, Brady lost a lot of bets to his dad. He was determined not to lose as he played other sports until he grew older. Today, also at charity activities, he doesn’t let go of his play-to-win attitude on or off the field. Tom Brady began prodding his teammates to go further to bring in more time at one charitable fundraiser in 2009.

6 Brady’s brother in law is former Red Sox star player Kevin Youkilis.

Ex Red Sox star player Kevin Youkilis is Brady’s brother-in – law. In 2012, Youk married Tom’s niece, Julie. When he was drafted to play after high school, Tom Brady had a brief baseball spell, but it’s noteworthy that his family now has another man who is amazing at the sport. We’re pretty confident that in nearly every sport he chose to play, Brady would have been good.

5 Tom Brady met his wife on a blind date late in 2006.

Late in 2006, Tom Brady met his wife on a blind date. They were set up by a mutual acquaintance of Brady and Gisele Bundchen’s, and it was love for the couple at first sight. Gisele told Vogue UK, “I knew Tom was the one right away.” They have been one of the most well-known power couples in the world since their marriage on February 26, 2009.

4 Dr. Dre owns Tom Brady’s former mansion.

Dr. Dre owns the old mansion of Tom Brady. Southern California’s 18,000 square foot home is downright palatial: seven fireplaces, a massive spa, a six-car driveway, and nine bathrooms are just the beginning. Since initially purchasing it for $11.75 million, Tom and his wife had the house listed for $50 million, but ended up selling it to the music billionaire for $40 million in 2015. Today, in Chestnut Hill, Tom Brady and his family live in a 14,317 square foot custom built home.

3 Tom Brady threw for just 6 yards during his rookie year.

During his rookie year, Tom Brady tossed for just 6 yards. Given his incredible success in the NFL over the years, it is impossible to imagine, but during his first season, Bill Belichick only put Brady in for one game. Brady racked up his first NFL stats in the Thanksgiving game against the Detroit Lions: 1 of 3, 6 yards.

2 He likes to reintroduce himself before each and every Patriots home game.

Before each and every Patriots home game, he wants to reintroduce himself. And how so? To Jay Z ‘s song “Public Service Announcement” by coming out on the stage. You’ve certainly heard the melody playing whether you’ve either seen video of one of the team’s home games or been there in person. Most don’t know, however, that Brady’s intro music pick was “Public Service Announcement”. Not only is he a rapper’s music lover, but for many seasons, Tom Brady has walked out into Gillette Stadium to the tune. It’s clear that Patriots supporters have no trouble indulging him with the booming cheers he still receives.

1 Tom Brady Sr. spent lots of money trying to get his son recruited.

Tom Brady Sr. spent a great deal of money attempting to hire his son, $2,000 to be precise. Since Tom Jr. was not heavily recruited, his father thought it would help to buy highlight tapes and send them to schools across the country. 54 of the 60 highlight tapes produced were sent to colleges, including Illinois, Cal, UCLA, USC, and the University of Michigan, his eventual choice. USC wouldn’t give him a full-ride scholarship, but Brady and the Wolverines went with him. However, if his father hadn’t sent those tapes, who knows what school Brady would have ended up in.