Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Selena Gomez


10 Gomez’s father is Ricardo Joel Gomez.

Gomez ‘s father is Ricardo Joel Gomez while Amanda Dawn Cornett is Gomez ‘s girlfriend. Since the two split when Gomez was five years old, with some substantial assistance from her grandparents she was also raised by her mother. Gomez said she was saddened by the divorce of her parents at the time, blinding her to the hardships her mother had to make for her sake, with an outstanding example being how she had to work not one, not two, but three jobs in order to gain enough money to provide them with the necessities.

9 Amanda Dawn Cornett is a former stage actress.

Amanda Dawn Cornett is an ex-actrice on stage. It is also unsurprising that Gomez became interested in acting because of her mother, having watched her as she trained for stage productions. However, Gomez stood out from other kids at that age because her passion in acting was so high that, considering all the obstacles she would have to learn along the way, she was prepared to start hearing about roles in her youth, which was noteworthy.

8 Gomez made appearances in a number of other roles on both the TV and the movie screens.

Gomez made appearances in numerous other roles on both the TV and film screens, with highlights ranging from an appearance on Zack & Cody’s The Suite Life to a brief cameo in Spy Kids 3-D: Game Over. But her big break came when she secured the lead role on Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place, which couldn’t have happened without her earlier recurring appearance on Disney’s Hannah Montana, which was the show that had catapulted Miley Cyrus on her path to stardom.

7 Gomez formed pop-rock band.

In 2009 Gomez founded a pop-rock band named Selene Gomez & the Crowd. Since then they have released three different albums which, if not always always with critics, found a welcoming audience in the listeners. Since then, however, Gomez has gone on to have a solo career and has achieved equal success with the two albums she has recorded so far, Stars Dance in 2013 and Revival in 2015.

6 Gomez has launched a number of product lines.

Gomez has also released a range of her own product lines to build on its popularity. One reason is Dream Out Loud, which is a line of clothes released by K-Mart, while two other examples are Selena Gomez by Selene Gomez and Selena Gomez by Vivamore, which are the names of two fragrances. She has also launched a range of nail polish colours for the OPI Goods located in North Hollywood.

5 Gomez became the youngest person to be chosen.

In 2009 Gomez became the youngest person to be named as UNICEF ambassador. Her first mission in that capacity was a trip to Ghana’s African region, where she had the opportunity to see the problems facing many of the children in that world, ranging from a lack of schooling and a lack of healthcare to a lack of even clean water, something that is taken for granted in more prosperous nations. She said UNICEF will reduce the number of preventable deaths in Ghana with adequate funding, since that is what it is now doing with its operations there.

4 Gomez confirmed that she had been diagnosed.

In 2015, Gomez announced that she was diagnosed with the autoimmune disease called Lupus, which causes an attack on her own tissues by the human body’s own immune system due to inconsistencies with how she selects targets. As a consequence, the disorder causes a wide variety of highly visible symptoms, with typical examples involving but not limited to skin rashes, joint swelling and a general sense of weakness. Gomez has had to postpone her Stars Dance Tour because of this problem.

3 Gomez’s mother and stepfather had been managing her career.

From the beginning, Gomez’s mother and stepfather had handled her career but that came to an end in 2014 when she shot them. This was followed by another shake-up with her band, as seen by how she released a compilation album to complete her deal with the Hollywood Records label before she signed a new contract with Interscope Records the same year. Since the compilation album received comparatively little attention, it performed less well than its other musical offerings up to now, particularly since it was a compilation album.

2 According to Gomez, the first concert that she ever attended.

According to Gomez, one of Britney Spears’ concerts was the first concert she ever attended, making it all the more fascinating that the two have had the ability to connect on a variety of occasions over a variety of ways since then. According to Gomez, once again she recalled it as one of the highlights of her life at the time, which speaks volumes about the effect the concert had on her at that point.

1 Gomez has stated that she was not a fan of media featuring magic when she was a child.

Amusingly, Gomez said when she was a teen, she wasn’t a media fan of magic. In reality, she has confirmed openly that she was not a fan of the Harry Potter series, which was all the rage among teens who had grown up with the main character at the time. This makes it funny that Gomez’s breakthrough role came with Wizards of Waverly Place who starred in a tried and tested recipe for television success as a mystical heroine living a normal life.