Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Meryl Streep


10 She auditioned for King Kong and was turned down.

In King Kong, Dino De Laurentiis Sr. auditioned her to play the player. She went to his beautiful office in Manhattan after seeing her in a stage play by his son and asking her to visit. His father asked his Italian son, “Why hast thou given me this hideous thing?”. So, she spoke Italian and told him she heard what he meant about her. She apologised for not being good enough to be playing in King Kong.

9 Meryl was pranked by George Clooney.

Clooney at the time had been pranking Brad Pitt. Clooney had letterhead written with the name of Brad Pitt, and then wrote fabricated letters to all of his colleagues. Clooney sent Meryl a note, supposedly from Brad, packed with lots of knowledge from the dialogue coach to prepare for her part in The Iron Lady. It was a surprising joke and she found it hilarious.

8 Meryl had no money to buy a new dress for her Golden Globe appearance.

As an option she chose to wear her white wedding dress. She waited through the ceremonies for hours having just given birth, and still breastfeeding. Her breasts were full, and breastmilk was dripping all over the top of the garment. She prevailed, and had her arms protecting her soaked chest to go on stage. She said it was Her life’s most embarrassing moment.

7 Meryl hates English breakfast.

She did a lot of backpacking in 1971. Bethnel Green stayed at a cheap bed and breakfast. She had no income, but a big breakfast was included, and she ate all because she was starving. She had never had breakfasts in English before. She finds out she took pudding in the head. She said she went straight to “the loo” right away, and missed all her tea.

6 She won a BAFTA award but lost her shoe on the podium.

The presenters took her shoe and rushed it to her to receive the prize. In 2012 she was awarded the British Academy Film Awards for her part in playing Margaret Thatcher. She said the film’s ambition was to look from the inside out at the Iron Lady ‘s storey, to discover something true and genuine about the character. She said she was incredibly proud of the production. She said her legacy comes from Lincolnshire on her mother’s side.

5 She had her first guitar lesson from Neil Young.

For Ricki and the Light Meryl wanted to learn how to play guitar. Her position as a failed rock star involved some rocking out, some singing, and many guitar chops. Her director Jonathan Demme was at the film centre where he manages Jacob Burns. Young was filming in there. Demme got Young to teach her. She ‘d spend with him 45 minutes. Young told her to “crank it up to 11” and walk all the amplifiers and cables, kick them with her foot and scream. The collection was conceived as a funky club.

4 Meryl says she would never run for public office.

She plays stereotypes of women with a voice and people championing their causes. The scene of which she discusses the women of Suffragette is one she recognised to be important as it was a minor portion. She says she is in awe of people who are putting their lives for political offices on the table.

3 Meryl said she is “the oldest woman to kiss James Bond”.

She played Donna in Mama Mia, the hippie girlfriend, and kissed Pierce Brosnan. She thought it was a blessing and in a very long time, no one has wanted her to let loose and show all that she is for the first time. She thought the film showed women are funny, emotional and energetic even though they have crossed the “50 mark.” She said she wished she had more gratitude for the gesture, but she was distracted with her acting duties.

2 Meryl did not act for 17 years while raising her family.

At Yale Acting School and off Broadway Meryl was a star before she ever appeared in films. She said the film One True Thing seemed real to her, because it was about a woman, helping her family, who tried to make the world better with what they were doing. She knew it was a rare and wonderful task, since older women were “modern scary.” She has compared the role to the direction she has chosen to step away from acting and look after her family. She had been away from playing in a play for 17 years, and during that time she had missed being able to pursue her craft, even though she loved being a mother.

1 Meryl won an Emmy for Angels in America, but it was her acceptance speech which everyone remembers.

“There are days when I think I’m overrated … but not today,” she said. She had a lot of problems fitting her dress for the award ceremony. The dress has had all manner of concerns. When she tried it on, she was so tight that she didn’t need to wear a bra. They loaded the squad into a steamer. Her daughter instructed her to keep the top up using the beads. At the competition the top started stretching, but as the Emmy case progressed, she had to hold her shoulders wider and wider. The dress was almost coming off at the top by the time she received her prize. She said she received only disapproval of what she’d been wearing the next morning.