Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Mario Batali


10 Can’t Live without Spaghetti or Hot Sauce.

Batali can’t survive on a pasta or hot sauce. This are two favourite things still kept in his kitchen at home. He is currently obsessed with Melinda ‘s green variety jalapeno sauce. This sauce is hot, but not fiery with a burn-your-mouth-off that is great for his taste buds.

9 Completely Against Fracking.

In 2013, Batali partnered with Chef Bill Telepan to write and op-ed for The Daily News, which opposes hydraulic fracturing, arguing that “fracking could do serious harm to New York’s agricultural industry and hurt small businesses, such as ours, that depend on nutritious and safe local food. Fracking is the process of injecting fluid and drilling into the ground using high-pressure equipment in an attempt to crack shale rocks to release natural gas inside.

8 First Memory of Cooking Was Oxtail Sauce.

Batali’s first culinary experience was watching his grandmother slowly boil the oxtail sauce to blend with potato gnocchi or brain ravioli calves. One action that always shocked him was after ate a big bowl of pasta along with the family, his grandmother would then pull out the main consumption dishes. Eating in Italian families is the secret to conviviality and enjoyment and a way of life. This is evidence of maintaining a bond over big meals.

7 Flubbed his First Line on the Air.

The programme, From Scratch: The Uncensored History of the Food Network, reported that during the first line of Batali ever spoke on tv, on the programme Chef du Jour, he said, “I am Mario Batali, Chef and Co-owner of Po Restaurant and Italian Village.” During an early episode of Molto Mario, he cut his hand badly and immersed it in a bowl of smashed tomatoes before a commercial break happened. All of these programmes was shot against a live audience in the studio. Standing in front of millions of audiences and a live studio audience on television isn’t easy.

6 Favourite Food at Eataly is Cheese or Vinegar.

When Batali visits his own restaurant, Eataly, he leaves always with some kind of vinegar cheese. He has left the restaurant at the moment with Robiola cheese, which features cow and sheep milk. This lets him eat at home on a tasty dinner. The numerous varieties of the Batali vinegar in his home kitchen to produce his culinary masterpieces.

5 Favourite Food Trend is Farm-to-Table.

Batali enjoys all of the farm-to – table, wild seafood and locavorism trends that are turning up in many restaurants around the world. Ironically he really likes a decent hot dog stand because there are plenty in New York City. In the other hand, he doesn’t like pop-up restaurants or restaurants which have only one menu. He says those kinds of restaurants are never as fun as he likes them to be.

4 His Children Aren’t Picky Eaters.

Batali ‘s children hadn’t grown up picky eaters. In an interview with Time Out New York, his approach to not making children that are picky eaters is for the kids to work in the kitchen with you and prepare the meals. If they’ve done something to a carrot, cut it, minced it, or even salted it, the kids think they’re going to enjoy it and have fun. This is a great technique to introduce for kids when they’re young.

3 Michelle Obama was His Favourite Moment on The Chew.

Batali and his co-hosts experienced a number of guests at the show, “The Chew.” His favourite scene from the programme though is when Michelle met Obama. He said she was friendly, and had a great charm on-screen.

2 Opened a Library.

The Mario Batali Foundation recently opened a new library at the Goddard Riverside Day Care Center in Manhattan, in partnership with Books for Youth. That was the third library sponsored by the Foundation. Batali and his foundation have a great passion for helping children understand the importance of literacy skills. Batali said in a recent interview that teaching children learn gives them a crucial building stone to a better life.

1 Practices Transcendental Meditation.

Batali is a leading member of the David Lunch Foundation, a promoter of transcendental meditation. The David Lynch Foundation is a non-profit organisation that supports those who suffer from the nightmare of traumatic stress and depression by transcendental therapy and is the method to encourage peace and separate themselves from anxiety.