Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Maria Menounos


10 Menounos is a Greek American.

Menounos is an American from Greece. Menounos is, to be exact, a Greek American born to Costas and Litsa Menounos, who at the time were living in Medford, Massachusetts. The tales of her parents were not especially unique among immigrants of the first generation, but were still remarkable in their own right, being individuals who worked tirelessly in spite of difficult circumstances to provide what they wanted for their children.

9 Menounos attended Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.

Menounos was in Boston, Massachusetts, attending Emerson College. She began in TV journalism there by engaging in Emerson Independent Film, which is the student-operated TV station at Emerson College that serves two purposes. Second, it is intended to be truly helpful and meaningful to those who watch it. Second, when it comes to TV journalism as well as other TV-related professions, it is intended to provide the members with meaningful knowledge.

8 Despite her initial focus in TV journalism.

Menounos eventually ventured into the field of entertainment news, amid her initial concentration on TV news. For example, in 2002 she became a reporter at Entertainment Tonight where she went on to report on issues like music , film, and fashion. Similarly, she quickly signed up with Access Hollywood, which is one of Entertainment Tonight’s rivals in the ferocious market, when she quit Entertainment Tonight in 2005.

7 Currently, Menounos is the co-anchor of E! News.

Menounos is currently the co-anchor of E! News, which represents her profession as a journalist for television and her multi-year contract with E! Unforgettable television. In addition to E! News, as either a presenter or a producer, she is also working on a variety of other shows for the network depending on which of her skills are most desired at a given moment.

6 She has made appearances on a number of other TV shows.

She was one of the contestants in the 14th Dancing with the Stars season, where she finished at a respectable fourth place. Similarly, she has been on Punk’d as one of the actors who were trapped in one of its notorious Red Carpet Interviews as well as a donor in Episode 1 of The Celebrity Apprentice 7. This are just some of the appearances she made on the television show, speaking volumes regarding the vast number of things she ‘d been associated in.

5 As the child of Greek immigrants, Menounos is fluent in the Greek language.

Menounos is fluent in the Greek language, as the offspring of Greek immigrants. As a result, she was invited to host the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest held in Athens. Sakis Rouvas, who is a Greek artist known for breaching many of the walls of Greek society, as well as someone with a wide variety of other sporting and business skills, was her co-host.

4 Besides TV shows, Menounos has also dabbled in movies.

Menounos dabbled in films, too. For eg, in the 2004 Fantastic Four movie, she played a nurse, who acted as a kind of love interest to one of the four main characters, the Human Torch. Unfortunately, this was before the comparatively recent love of superhero movies, ensuring that the role led nowhere, especially because the Fantastic Four movie was not a box office hit in spite of having some major names attached to it. Other examples range from Tropic Thunder to Kickin ‘It Old Skool.

3 Menounos has actually won an award for her work.

As for computer games, Menounos has already received an award for her work. To be exact, she won video game awards for Cyber Vixen of the Year on Spike TV. Even among video game awards, this wasn’t the most coveted honours, but on the positive side, it said she managed to beat both Charlize Theron and Jessica Alba for the title, which is very remarkable.

2 She has been in a Romantic Relationship.

She and Kevin Undergaro have been in a romantic relationship since 1998. Throughout this time her parents urged her to get married and have kids. Since Undergaro proposed to her in 2016 on The Howard Stern Show and Menounos agreed, the first is scheduled to happen sometime in the immediate future, which makes people wonder if the second will happen sometime soon in the somewhat more distant but still reasonably near future as well.

1 Menounos is a huge fan of WWE.

Menounos is a big WWE fan. This can be seen in the way she acted as the narrator for the 2014, 2015 and 2016 WWE Hall of Fame red carpet pre-show, as well as a variety of other roles such as both moderator and interviewer. It is interesting to remember, though, that Menounos enjoys WWE so much that, as one of its female wrestlers, she has previously competed in WWE competitions.