Top 10 Things You Didn’t know about Lady Gaga


10 She prefers to be called Gaga, not Lady Gaga.

She believes other individuals have established an understanding of what Gaga is. She sees this as a nickname for herself at her best, when she feels much like Gaga. She describes herself as an amalgamation of her young Italian American girlhood, and as an artist, actress and person, every part of her work. Rather than Lady Gaga, she likes to be called Gaga. She noticed that she was also named Gaga by her mother.

9 She can cry on set, but she needs to practice it in advance.

Before a weeping scene, she spends time learning the things and emotions that may cause her to weep. Before she goes to the set for the show, she rehearses them on her own several times. This is how she creates images of emotional tears. She believes that this rehearsal strategy allows her to be comfortable so that while shooting she can be in the moment.

8 She cannot think of a single thing that is more isolating than being famous.

She understands that people look at her profession and expect her to pursue fame, not her main goal in life. She states that, irrespective of whether or not she had been famous, she would have found artistic expression. She just tried to have a creative career, and she did it. She believes her mission on earth is to make people happier, to help them grow spiritually, and to help them escape and see through her success skills the possibility for miracles in life. Her worst moments are when people believe that she is a “goddess who just fell from the heavens.”

7 She wears wigs when she goes out to avoid being recognized.

She hates the process, but knows that in order to live in the future, this is what she needs to do. She compares it to a character playing, only to get a moment of fun out and about. She now has a very private life. In order to actually go out and have a nice time, she finds it infuriating at times that she needs to cover herself.

6 She dislikes taking selfies.

She feels that it disconnects us from the reality of the moment if someone takes selfies. She claims that the minute they pull out the camera and concentrate on getting the selfie, the moment they attempted and catch is lost. When people stop wanting to take a selfie with her, she thinks like the moment is entirely gone, because they have just destroyed it, right at the time they are trying to catch it.

5 She did burlesque shows on the lower East Side.

She used to dance and cloud herself up. In her bag, she kept a fog machine herself. She used to sing on open mic nights as well. With her friend, Lady Starlight, she did a performance art show where they performed go-go dancing in Indian headdresses and $4 matching string bikinis. Though her parents largely appreciated her success, her dad was not pleased with the go-go show at all.

4 She used to sew all of her own costumes.

She works with emerging artists frequently, giving them drawings. She wears young people ‘s designs, who give them to her. She claims she’s not lost on clothes, and several days she likes to wear her costumes. Since they remind her of 1980s power suits, she likes broad shoulders in ties. She doesn’t like wearing fur, so she once wore an outfit made entirely of frog puppets by Kermit. Her songs all have different outfits planned to go with them. She herself made the disco bra for the video for Just Dance.

3 She sold 5 million copies of Born This Way in 7 weeks.

Ultimately, Born This Way is about the fact that everyone is different. She is adamant about the way that they really become who they are through people’s differences. She was harassed for who she was, and until she had to go to bed, she screamed in her mother’s shower. She was afraid of really being who she was. In her younger days, she was not bold enough to be herself.

2 Students threw her into a trash bin once.

She was rounded up by students and put into a garbage bin. She managed not to weep, but she was chided by the offenders for continuing to sob. She was labelled “too pathetic” by one girl when she was beginning to weep. She didn’t want to mention anything about the incident to her parents because it made her feel ashamed. In the same way the students did, she did not want her parents to think of her as garbage.

1 She likes to drink in UK pubs with old men.

She said in an interview with Loose Women that she enjoys drinking in pubs with men who are at least 60 years old. She doesn’t like going to nightclubs, so she’ll get a pint and a rum while she’s dining in the UK and will look for a guy over 60 to drink it with.