Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kendall Jenner


10 She was named in honor of Nicole Brown Simpson and has a famous godmother.

Up until Nicole ‘s death on June 12, 1994, Kendall’s mum, Kris, and Nicole became very close friends. She was named Kendall Nicole Jenner when Kendall was conceived on November 3, 1995. Her godmother is none other than the TV host Kathie Lee Gifford, who supposedly met Kris back in the late 80s/ early 90s during Bible study. Incidentally, Kathie Lee aided in choosing Kendall. She stared at potential baby names for Kris, and Kathie Lee stopped her at Kendall.

9 She always knew her father was transgender.

Kendall confessed in an interview with Women’s Wear Daily in September 2015, “I’ve known since I was a child.” He never stated it to me, but for a very long time, I knew that. He’s the same person. As my father tells it herself, it’s sort of like grieving someone’s death, because it is. My dad is my dad, but mentally, he’s not there today. But she’s making me call her dad — that’s the only little bit of dad I have.

8 She has punched a member of the paparazzi.

Kendall was out with BFF Gigi Hadid in March 2016, enjoying the Balmain Paris Fashion Week Show when the paparazzi got a bit too close to Gigi for her protection. Yeah, right before getting into a bit of a shouting fight with the same man, Kendall struck out and stabbed him. Kendall’s have frequently shared a fear of the paparazzi or, more accurately, the danger that an acts and attitudes sometimes put people in. Apparently, she eventually got so many that night.

7 She has a “flaw” that is almost always covered up.

It points out that a particularly prominent spot is in the centre of Kendall’s lower lip, close to a large freckle. Makeup artists usually make sure it’s made up before public interviews, journeys down the runway, and photo shoots.

6 She has a couple tattoos, though you have to really look to see them.

Kendall has a red, white heart on one middle finger to reflect her angelic side. She has a thin, white, broken heart on her other middle finger to reflect her devilish side. Kendall has admitted in some previous interviews that she would like more tattoos, but she personally doesn’t even have one in mind.

5 She did not bother to go to her high school prom.

She really “didn’t realise it was that big a deal,” evidently Most specifically, she inspires other girls to do the same thing. She recommends relaxing at home while enjoying homemade pizza with your best friends and watching a high school flick. So, what’s she suggesting? Heathers, 16 Torches, or Girls of the Mean.

4 She has hit the runway without a single stitch of makeup.

Kendall was a huge part of New York Fashion Week 2016, bringing a host of designers, including Diane Von Furstenberg, Marc Jacobs, and Donna Karan, on the runway. Of course, in all of them, except one, she was extremely composed. She wore almost no mascara at the Michael Kors show and wore her hair cut horizontally. She looked so ordinary, according to a variety of papers, that she was virtually unrecognisable.

3 She is definitely not a big fan of wearing makeup.

While she has to wear it for most of her modelling jobs, Kendall has said that, with one major exception, she just likes to go fully natural. She still makes sure that she’s wearing sunscreen.

2 Sure, she is naturally thin, but that doesn’t mean she can eat anything she wants.

Kendall opts for an apple when she wants a short snack. She insists on herbs, other fruits, and lean proteins elsewhere. Furthermore, Kusmi Detox Tea drinks as many as 12 cups of lemongrass green tea a day, especially when she has a modelling job coming up. Luckily, she’s not a huge chocolate lover, but it makes her escape loads of unnecessary temptations. Oddly enough, a bag of chilli cheese Fritos is her favourite comfort food.

1 She has a favourite sister, though who it is has the tendency to change.

While it would be easy to believe that Kendall treats Kylie as her favourite sibling, at least according to her Instagram, that is not the case. Currently, it is her eldest sibling, Kourtney, who occupies the top spot at the moment. She said, “Thank you for teaching me to see the glass half full despite it all.” She has also acknowledged, of course, that from time to time her love shifts.