Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Katy Perry


10 She was born as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson.

She was born to parents who are Pentecostal shepherds as Katheryn Elizabeth Hudson on 25 October 1984 in Santa Barbara, California. Religion played an enormous role in Katy ‘s life as she grew up: prayer was a common family activity and as a child, she attended Christian schools and camps. Still, as a teenager she was a bit of a tomboy, taking up traditional Californian passtimes like surfing and skateboarding. Still, she was always captivated by music and obviously her love for singing and performing would grow and blossom into an exceptional career.

9 Why doesn’t Katy Perry use her given name as her stage name?

Why is it that Katy Perry would not use her given name as her stage name? Ok, for a couple of reasons. Mainly, when she was young, she had been named Katy, and when recording her first album under the name Katy Hudson, she was afraid that continuing to use that name would create confusion with actress Kate Hudson. For her profession, she picked Perry as her last name, since it was the maiden name of her mother.

8 Perry’s first album, released in 2001.

Perry’s first record, released in 2001, was simply named Katy Hudson, a series of Christian popsongs. It was not doing well at all, but Perry was not in any way discouraged from pursuing music as a profession. She continued to work on her voice, even studying Italian opera as a way of getting better for a time. Though it was her first foray into secular music fandom that influenced her most during this period. She discovered the popular record Jagged Little Pill from Alanis Morrisette in 1995, and was hooked; she quotes the megahit “You Oughta Know” as one of her greatest influences to this day.

7 Her first big hit was the popular 2008 single “I Kissed a Girl.”

The famous 2008 single “I Kissed a Girl” was their first big hit. Where did Perry get the idea to write the song from? From Scarlett Johansson, believe it or not. When she was with her then-boyfriend Travis McCoy (from Gym Class Heroes, who has a cameo in the video for “I Kissed a Girl”), she saw an image of Johansson that if the stunning actress stepped into the room, she would like to make it out with her. Perry appeared on “The View” later in 2008, and was kissed on the mouth (and camera) by host Whoopi Goldberg, who later declared, “I loved it!

6 Perry’s 2010 album Teenage Dream was a huge hit.

Perry’s 2010 album Teenage Dream was a massive hit — so big, in particular, it shared a notable connexion with Poor album by Michael Jackson. What do they all have in common? They also had five tracks on number one. Perry is obviously in good business. Plus, Perry is the first person to release an album of five number ones in music history. And the record reached eight songs in the top five — just the third time that’s been done in history.

5 Perry served as a guest judge on the ninth season of American Idol in 2010.

On American Idol’s ninth season in 2010 Perry acted as a guest judge, and she evidently made a strong impression. Producers gave her a pretty good $2 million payout in 2013 to be a full-time judge on the programme but Perry refused politically. When asked why in a subsequent interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Perry simply stated, “… it’s not right for me yet.” She continued, “It’s a real commitment to be on one of those shows,” then continued, “I have ideas for two or three great, creative things and I want to be able to fulfil those ideas.”

4 Who has the most followed account on Twitter?

Who’s got the most Twittered account? No, this is not just Bieber, but it’s a fair guess. Actually it’s our girl Katy Perry, with a whopping 90 million people. (Perry herself follows only 160 Twitter users.) Perry is famous on the social media network as she frequently tweets everything from music-related details to her political opinions to progressive world views.

3 Perry may earn a lot of money, but she also gives away a lot of money.

Perry may earn a lot of money but she gives a lot of money as well. Perry is a philanthropist at heart and has worked on numerous campaigns for UNICEF as a Goodwill Ambassador. She has also prominently supported various causes and organisations such as the Hold A Breast Foundation, MusiCares, Children’s Wellbeing Fund, the Humane Society, and the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art.

2 Katy Perry has won her fair share of awards.

Katy Perry has been earning her fair share of the awards. She’s tallied up five American Music Awards and five Billboard Awards, including five MTV Video Music Awards, fourteen People’s Choice Awards, six Teen Choice Awards, one Juno and one Brit among others. But one distinction Perry has absolutely no is a Grammy, and that is being nominated an amazing 13 times. While she may finally win one, she’ll only have to comfort herself with all of the other 58 awards she’s bagged.

1 How much is Katy Perry’s net worth?

From 2011–2019, she was named in Forbes’ annual lists of highest-earning women in music. The net worth as of 2016 is valued at $125 million. She is one of the best-selling recording acts in the world, having released more than 18 million albums globally and 125 million singles.