Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Kathie Lee Gifford


10 She’s related to Rudyard Kipling.

Yes, Kathie Lee Gifford is related, directly through her mother, to Rudyard Kipling. Though Rudyard Kipling appears too distant to be removed from her by just one relative, it becomes a bit more realistic given that Kathie Lee Gifford herself is sixty-two years old and Kipling died in 1936. Oh, in some respects, Kathie Lee Gifford is a writer of sorts herself, but to a degree, it seems like she was carrying on the family tree.

9 Kathie Lee Gifford once worked as a babysitter and secretary for Anita Bryant.

It is true that today, Anita Bryant is actually best known for denouncing gay rights than she is for being a pop star, which is a strong point about both the nature of her pop music and the sheer vitriol she had back in the infamous 1970s for the LGBT community. For better or bad, Kathie Lee Gifford temporarily became a live-in babysitter and assistant for her. In all probability, during even this fleeting time of work, Anita Bryant went on some homophobic rants, but someone would have to interview Kathie Lee Gifford about it to get evidence of just how homophobic Anita Bryant was during her life at this stage.

8 She’s working on the lyrics for a musical adaptation of It’s a Wonderful Life.

Does it need a musical adaptation of ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ and is Kathie Lee Gifford the right person to compose the words for a good version of this production? It just doesn’t matter: it’s going to happen and it’s definitely going to make a lot of money for everyone involved. As this is a Christmas production, after it is fully finished, we’re still going to see performances of it every year, so we can all get ready.

7 She converted to Born Again Christianity at twelve years old.

In fact, conversion at a very young age to Born Again Christianity is not all that unusual. Since you’re never too young to be rescued in this religion, some children do so as young as five, as anyone who watched the Jesus Camp documentary back in the 2000’s would remember. The convert appeared to last, and when it comes to actors who are both Evangelical Christians, Kathie Lee Gifford definitely turned out differently than Kirk Cameron.

6 Kathie Lee Gifford attended Oral Roberts University.

Over the last few decades, the general view of Evangelical Christianity has changed considerably. As a result, it has been more notable that Kathie Lee Gifford goes to this now-controversial and explicitly Evangelical Christian university. She’s also one of their most popular alums, though, who’s not actively affiliated with the church, so they’re obviously not interested.

5 Kathie Lee Gifford was the face of Carnival Cruise Lines.

This association actually further strengthened the general impression of Kathie Lee Gifford as someone who is incredibly perky and unnecessarily nice, particularly because the ads showed her saying, ‘If my friends could see me now.’ Going on cruises in general is not near as common as it used to be today, with all the piracy and security issues today, but Kathie Lee Gifford was there when they showed their own. On YouTube and other video sharing platforms today, her face in those advertisements is immortalised as people watch advertising that have now become nostalgic.

4 Kathie Lee Gifford was born in Paris, France.

Any viewers should also start keeping track on all the celebrities who were not legally born in the United States and thus will not run for president, with all the various celebrities who are running for president these days. Indeed, because she wasn’t born in the United States, Kathie Lee Gifford can’t run for president, and we’ll never see her name on the ticket or race with Hillary Clinton. Maybe ten years ago she wouldn’t have called French fries Freedom fries either.

3 Her real name is Kathryn Lee Epstein.

People interested in finding out about celebrities who in some way or another mask their Jewish origins should count Kathie Lee Gifford among their ranks. It is true that today she does not consider herself a religiously Jewish person, but she still claims she is proud of, and thankful for, her Jewish heritage. It appears, though, that when Kathie Lee Gifford first became famous, to mask her identity, she had to walk in the footsteps of several other actors who had Jewish origins.

2 Kathie Lee Gifford has been active in the industry since 1970.

In the amount of time that they have continued to bring in over the years, even older actors who remain in the game become somewhat surprising, and the fact that Kathie Lee Gifford has been a household name for three to four decades now is at least something to worry about now for all of them. She has continued to adapt to the different generations of television, and after forty-six years, she has persisted in the game and avoided falling into infamy more than many of her peers.

1 Kathie Lee Gifford was mentored by Tom Kennedy.

People who watch ‘Price is Right’ will recognise Tom Kennedy, but not as well as Kathie Lee Gifford does. For a long time, he was her close friend and mentor, and in those tough early years, he managed to get her career off the ground. It seems like one talk show host is moving the torch to another in retrospect.