Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Julia Roberts


10 Julia wore the Red Nose on Red Nose Day.

During an interview, she styled her Red Nose. She said she wasn’t afraid to rock the Red Nose because she would do anything to support the kids she met at Phoenix, Arizona’s Children First Academy. Many of the students who attend are homeless, and everyone lives in poverty. The team members of the charity work them locate medical treatment, support services for the children and have food boxes so that their families can make it through the month.

9 She appeared on the David Letterman show 26 times.

Julia not only showed several times but at the conclusion of her interviews she even gave letterman several goodbye kisses. Julia first appeared on the David Letterman show to sell Mystical Pizza. She was a fan of the programme, but she didn’t want to participate, so many new young actresses had seen Letterman “dismember” many times. She was scared he was going to embarrass her. She was also worried that he would learn that her IQ wasn’t that high, and cause her all kinds of interview problems.

8 Julia loves to cook holiday stuffing.

She said she is from Georgia where genetic stuffing is concerned. She spends days cooking during the holiday season, creating that other people like to consume. It truly is everything she likes. She told People Magazine her kids think she’s a fine chef. They even told her to get her own restaurant opened. She said “all made with affection” is their favourite dish. At the Toronto International Film Festival, she also reported that she had the skills of a home economics teacher; she was able to cook much of all. She genuinely loves to feed people, calling it one of her life’s joys.

7 Julia has dated, been engaged, romance and married.

She dated: Benjamin Bratt, Matthew Perry, and Liam Neeson; she had a friendship with Jason Patric, she had a friendship with Kiefer Sutherland and Dylan McDermott, and she had been married to Lyle Lovett for less than two years before she married Daniel Moder in 2002.

6 Julia remembers the fish scene from Mystic Pizza the most.

Mystic Pizza is the one that stood out for her due to all the other films she ‘d made. It came right at the start of her career, and that film started her rise as a film star. She said so several times she knocked over the large container of fish on set. It was so loaded with water and fish that, by the end of the day, her knees were aching.

5 Julia has a highly specific memory.

Julia is able to recall from her films nearly all of her famous phrases. She says that is because “grinding it in there” is the method of learning. She will do these flawlessly when asked to repeat lines during interviews. She also recalls encounters with cast members, where she was on set and what she was doing or thinking, also 25 years or more later, at particular crucial points in her films.


4 Julia’s not on Twitter.

She said she didn’t even want Twitter but really didn’t get it. She likes to communicate directly to them. She finds the lack of human contact to make her unattractive. She enjoys staring at others, and has a more concrete connexion to them. She succinctly claimed in a New York Daily News article that she likened social media to cotton candy. Both drugs are enticing, and enticing to get into, but once there, the only thing left is “an moment” with fingers all sticky.


3 julia never wear deodorant.

She told the audience as Julia celebrated Earth Day on the Oprah show that she composts and wraps her children’s organic meals. For certain things in her life, she prefers to use natural alternatives. Deodorants were listed as the conversation shifted to a debate on lotions and skincare. Julia clearly mentioned that she’s not using it … not including herbal ones at all.


2 Julia has some secret tattoos.

She has disclosed her few: some she can say … others not … she has all the names of her children and the initials of her spouse. The initials of her husband were in fact made before they got married. She claims he’s got four tattoos.

1 She was first recognized as a star in a bathroom.

She went to see a movie with her family in the mall. After the movie, she went out to the bathroom. When in the bathroom, a voice said, “Boy at the number 1 row!” Have you been to Mystical Pizza? She said, “Yeah,” and a sheet of paper and a pad were quickly put into her stall under the divider. Over the years she has repeated the storey several times, but still laughs hysterically as she recalls how uncomfortable the moment has been.