Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Johnny Depp


10 He Was a Troubled Teen.

Depp had to cope with an unpredictable family and a climate that was chaotic at home. He jumped around a lot as a youngster. He had already lived in twenty different cities by the time he turned seven years old. His parents divorced later in life, and he took drinks, narcotics, and self-harm as a teenager. The actor spoke candidly about his experience in 1993, explaining that every tattoo and scar feels like a recollection of a critical juncture in his own history.

9 He’s a High School Dropout.

The surprisingly long list of Hollywood celebrities who began their careers on a bad note is joined by Johnny Depp. Since realising that life as a rock and roll singer would suit him well, he dropped out at the tender age of fifteen. Just two weeks later, his feet were freezing and he begged the school to send him inside.

8 His Band Once Opened for Punk Legend Iggy Pop.

Depp realised that his only choice was to become a rock and roll superstar after being turned away from his school. So, he moved his garage band The Kids to Los Angeles and they were hoping to secure a record contract for themselves. While they ended up opening for Iggy Pop, a punk symbol, the band never really achieved mainstream success.

7 He Had a Wife Before Vanessa Paradis.

Today, all of Johnny Depp’s wives and girlfriends are well known. He was one of two of the hippest pairings on the world during the nineties. Since gossip magazines still swoon about his fairy tale engagements with Kate Moss and Winona Ryder, it’s no wonder that his first wife was all but forgotten. However, before he met the French actress Vanessa Paradis, he had a wife. Lori Anne Allison was her name and she was the bass player ‘s sister in one of his bands.

6 Nicholas Cage Kickstarted His Career.

For all the outstanding performances delivered by Depp over the years, we have National Treasure star Nicholas Cage to thank. He was introduced to the actor by his first partner, Lori, and had some words of advice. He advised Depp to let go of his artistic ambitions to become a film star. Really, Cage hooked Depp up with his first agent and since then, the two have become solid friends. Cage was dealing with some very public financial difficulties in 2007 and Depp promised to write down his debts as a way of saying thank you.

5 He’s a Prankster on Set.

He spent time shooting two films in 1993, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and Dream of Arizona. He appeared opposite nineteen-year – old Leonardo DiCaprio in the first one. While on stage, he dared to sniff a rancid pickled egg from the younger star. He charged him $500 when DiCaprio was stunned by him diving head (or nose) first into the challenge. Depp pointed out that she’d never jumped on a trampoline while filming Arizona Dream, with iconic actress Faye Dunaway. So, he and a friend rode eighty miles to find one during a break in shooting and took it back to Dunaway to play with.

4 Disney Almost Canned Captain Jack Sparrow.

The kooky pirate with a taste for gin, Captain Jack Sparrow, has become one of history’s most popular Disney characters. The studio, however, was seriously thinking about booting Depp from the first film. His flamboyant walk or his shambolic rock and roll show didn’t like them. Executives did not grasp it, and the possibility of replacing Depp with a more conventional star was addressed. They have to thank their lucky stars today, for one of the best revenue makers Disney has ever had is the franchise. In Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Say No Lies, Captain Jack Sparrow is enjoyed by children and adults alike and is set to return to the big screen next year.

3 He Played on an Oasis Album.

In 1997, Depp made an appearance on the smash hit album of the Brit Pop band Oasis, Be Here Now. On the Fade-In Out loop, he played slide guitar. This is something that not many people realise, since his relationship with the band is a long-distance relationship. Since donating to a War Child fundraising album, he spent a lot of time with them and they became buddies. Noel Gallagher also plays the white guitar, according to Depp, which he personally gifted to him. Apart from the others, you should say it, because it has a ‘P’ letter on it. This is also the name, in the early nineties, of another band that Johnny Depp was part of.

2 He Was Fined for Dog Smuggling.

In 2016, for all the wrong reasons, Johnny Depp and his new ex-wife, Amber Heard, entered the headlines. On a private plane, they were caught transporting two Yorkshire Terriers into Australia. The pair is criminally charged with falsifying paperwork and unlawfully importing their dogs into Australia, as the country has highly stringent rules regarding the transport of animals. The court agreed to let them go with a $1,000 fine and a one month good behaviour bond after a videotaped apology from Heard. The fiasco appeared to frustrate Depp publicly at times, and he made a series of characteristically grim remarks about the dogs’ fate.

1 He Was Close Friend with Hunter S Thompson.

In Terror and Loathing in Las Vegas, Depp did not only play the iconic Gonzo journalist, Hunter S Thompson. Currently, he was also a very close friend of the authors. So much so that, following his death in 2005, he was charged with carrying out his final wishes. Thompson wished to be launched into orbit, and Johnny, his good friend, did his best to make that happen. Depp had his ashes catapulted into the skies as part of a major fireworks display. He told reporters that sending his friend out in style meant a great amount to him.