Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Jennifer Lopez


10 She used her first big pay check to upgrade her set of wheels.

Jennifer announced her first big splurge in an interview at The Hollywood Reporter’s Annual Drama Celebrity Roundtable. Back in the early to mid-1990s, in a Honda hatchback that Keenan Ivory Wayans gave her when she became a Fly Girl on “In Living Color,” Jennifer was riding around to Hollywood auditions. She went out and bought herself a Mercedes when she eventually got a job as a series regular. Incidentally, that week she also went through a big divorce and reveals that when signing the lease at the car dealership, she was weeping.

9 Speaking of the green Versace dress, you can thank it for Google Images search.

When Jennifer wore the dress in 2000, only text pages with ties returned results from Google Search. Then, according to Google’s chief, Eric Schmidt, “Jennifer Lopez’s green dress” became the most popular search question the company has ever seen, which inspired the company to create Google Images search.

8 She was homeless by her own choice for a short period of time.

Jennifer let it slip in a 2013 interview with W magazine that she was homeless at the age of eighteen. In the hopes of seeking a career in show business, she stayed in her grandparents. Unfortunately, her parents did not approve of her career ambitions, particularly her mom, and were insistent that she go to college. So, she was doing what any unpleasant 18-year-old girl might do. She moved out and ended up sleeping in a dance studio on the sofa. She got a job dancing in Europe before too long and went abroad.

7 She did attend college.

After graduating from Preston High School in the Bronx in 1987, Jennifer enrolled that fall at the City University of New York’s Bernard M. Baruch Education. She proclaimed her major as pre-law and actually worked throughout lectures and dancing in a law firm. She soon discovered that college was not where she needed to go, and after a single semester, she dropped out.

6 She is proud of her mom for shooting at the paparazzi.

Oh, sure, it was a water gun and not a true gun, but it’s still pretty heavy. Jennifer, her husband, and Jen’s daughters, Max and Emme, evidently spent some quality time in a park in Paris, and the paparazzi got a little too near to her mother’s taste. So, she did what any feisty grandma would do and picked up one of the plastic water guns from the kid and began firing at them. The paparazzi left the streets before too long and the family had the remainder of the day to themselves.

5 She is the only woman to be named FHM’s Sexiest Woman in the World twice.

FHM, a UK based men’s magazine, sends out a list of the world ‘s 100 sexiest women every year. Claudia Schiffer (1995), Halle Berry (2003), Mila Kunis (2013), and Jennifer Lawrence (2014) are former champions. However, Jennifer has the distinction of being twice the first woman to top the chart. In 2000 and 2001, she did it back to back.

4 She is also the first entertainer to have two #1’s I the same week.

Out in 2001, in January, J. Lo debuted at the top of the US Billboard 200 Albums of the Week, which included “Heart Don’t Cost a Lot”, “Ain’t It Great” and “I’m True.” At the same time, at the top of the domestic box office, The Wedding Planner, a romantic comedy she appeared in with Matthew McConaughey, opened. No other entertainer, before or after her, has ever appeared to provide multiple # 1’s in the same week. J. In the United States, Lo ended up being certified quadruple platinum and was the world’s sixth best-selling 2001 record. “The Wedding Planner” received more than $60 million nationwide and $94 million internationally.

3 Jennifer refers to her twins, Max and Emme, as coconuts.

“Jen almost certainly noted their similarity to the fruit when the twins were born in February 2008. In an interview she said,” They’re my coconuts. That came from when they were little and began to grow hair in their cribs. It appeared to me much like a coconut. Both of them look like coconuts!


2 She is worth a ton of money.

Jennifer’s net worth is estimated to be just near $300 and $320 million due to all of her contributions. You should continue to see her net worth rise now that she’s begun her Las Vegas residency.

1 She sold the first pictures of her twins for $6 million.

As J. Lo gave birth in 2008, there was lots of competition for the first photographs between magazines and tabloid shows. Ultimately, People magazine prevailed. On the March 11, 2008 cover of People and J., Emme and Max made their public debut. A fast and simple $6 million was pocketed by Lo and Marc Anthony. She has faced backlash for selling the tot pics, just like her performances for dictators.