Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Jennifer Lawrence


10 The First Girl.

There were no female births on her father’s side of the family in more than 50 years before the day she was born in 1990. This has made Jennifer special since the day she was born. Even though we’re not sure where Jennifer’s name came from, doesn’t it really matter? What makes her one of a kind is her incredible acting talent and attitude. Not unexpectedly, however, actors like her just come along every 50 or so years.

9 She has a Deformed Tailbone.

Her Kentucky family doesn’t believe in medical treatment, but because of being tossed from a horse like a child, the starlet has a deformed tailbone. When she was a year-and-a-half old, she was also hit by a car and did not seek medical treatment. No wonder she learns her way around nature and how a bow and arrow should be used. Just kidding, but really, it sounds like the upbringing of J Law was a little less than easy.

8 She Didn’t Fit in at Schoo.

The beautiful actress didn’t enjoy any of the things when it comes to school that the rest of the world loves. On her enjoyment list, recess, field trips and partying were not very high. But it does appear like Lawrence has certainly caught up with the party department with recent years. That plus enjoying wonderful holidays plus making it via her social media pages that the world knows about it. Looks like this has been coming for a long time.

7 But She was a High School Cheerleader.

That is correct. The kid who hated recess, field trips and celebrations was a cheerleader from high school who didn’t blend in. How did this girl not blend in in the world? It’s just not adding up. Then again, her profession just doesn’t add up. In their roles, you can see her awkwardness. For her, the ‘one of a kind’ nickname certainly holds true. What would be amazing really is if Lawrence wanted to play a movie cheerleader.

6 She Was a Model.

Jennifer Lawrence was ‘spotted’ by a modelling agency when she was 14 and on spring break. Shortly after that, she moved to New York to launch her career. And the remainder, like they claim, is “history.” While, like everyone else, Lawrence always paid her dues. She had film roles, but before the Hunger Games came into the pictures, she never achieved the super popularity stage of her career. The Oscars are going to follow, and now we have to see how she can keep on.

5 PETA was a little angry at Winter’s Bone.

There is a scene in her role in Winter’s Bone where she does harm to a squirrel. Although we highly doubt you read about it because, well, when PETA makes a stir, it was a squirrel and squirrel torment doesn’t always make the papers. Still, Lawrence herself is a fan of animals and we can’t imagine her being pleased about having to be in the scene in any way. A idea that at the moment probably didn’t make PETA feel better.

4 She crashed a car because she didn’t see Honey Boo Boo.

A few years ago, because she was so distracted driving on the road, J.Law had to apologise for rear-ending a family’s vehicle in traffic. What distracted her too much? It wasn’t calling or selfie-taking. She thought she was on the pavement seeing Honey Boo Boo. It got her so excited and shocked that she lost balance for a few seconds, triggering the “accident.” At some point in our lives, are we not just victims of Honey Boo Boo?

3 She always hates her long hair.

Do you remember the moment she chopped her long, perfect hair into a pixie, and the world went mad? They began naming her Kate Gosselin (I mean, come on guys) and hated her for cutting her. Yet, though she disliked her long hair even more, the actress enjoyed it. She had thought that nothing would make it harder than it had always been. That’s comprehensible. That long hair gets in the way all the time and when you’re worried about it, it’s hard to behave.

2 She’s a Music Video Star.

A album called The Mess I Made was made by Parachute and Jennifer Lawrence is also used in the music video for the song. Lawrence herself is a music fan and it was a perfect fit for her to see her in a music video. Then again, it seems like in terms of a video in which she will be in, Parachute may be a little random. You’d figure she was going to get some sort of Rolling Stones, part of Bruce Springsteen. Eh, something.

1 She still gets star struck.

Although Lawrence is one of the best screen stars on the planet, when encountering screen icons, she always gets star struck. The first time Lawrence graced the red carpet at the Oscars, everyone remembered and was in awe of virtually every celebrity. It would have been incredible because she got the chance to collaborate with Robert De Niro. Lawrence has always loved fine actors and she’s a spectator like everybody else when she encounters a really popular one for the first time.