Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Gigi Hadid


10 She is a highly accomplished equestrian.

While it is fairly common knowledge that her younger sister, Bella, is an amazing horseback rider who used to dream about going to the Olympics, Gigi wasn’t as transparent about her talents. Of course, it makes sense when you hear that they lived for more than a decade on a lavish horse ranch. Gigi thanks her mom with helping her grow a love with travelling on horseback.

9 She got her first modelling gig before she was out of diapers.

Paul Marciano of Guess found Gigi at only 2 years of age when he was attending preschool with his daughter. She was firing advertisements for Guess Baby and Guess Kids before too long. She placed her job on hold after “running” for a few years, and concentrated on becoming a kid and going to school. As she returned to modelling in 2011, she went back straight to working with Marciano and was named the face of a Guess campaign by 2012.

8 She studied criminal psychology.

She came to NYC for two reasons after graduating high school in 2013. Then, she decided to pursue her flourishing modelling career. Two, she was admitted into Reform York’s The New School where she practised forensic justice. Now that she’s at the peak of the supermodel list, she’s decided to hang on to school, but says she ‘d like to go abroad.

7 She is a huge fan of McDonald’s.

She has revealed time and time again a profound appreciation of McDonald’s burgers, has publicly admitted leaving a luxurious Parisian restaurant only to go to McDonald’s for dinner, and was also pictured during New York Fashion Week (NYFW) chowing down on McDonald’s.

6 She is the only model to have graced the cover of CV Fashion Book twice.

CV Fashion Book is a design and inspiration magazine founded by Carine Roitfeld, the former editor-in – chief of Vogue Paris, and published in 2013. Gigi was apparently pleased to hear that she kept the distinction because she sees Carine Roitfield as “her beauty fairy godmother.”

5 She has also directed a music video.

Gigi made her Directorial debut in October 2015. She developed the idea for and directed DNCE ‘s video for ‘Cake by the Ocean.’ The video shows an immense slice of cake … on the sand. It becomes the subject of the “First Annual Championships of Cake Battle,” as the band bounces around singing. Right, you will have to look at it yourself.

4 Her mom also serves as her nutritionist.

Gigi doesn’t have the healthiest dietary habits which is why she looks to her mother for safe food tips. In 2012, when she was shot, her mom faced a fair deal of backlash telling Gigi she wanted to lose weight on Beverly Hills’ The Real Housewives, but Gigi is apparently still in agreement with her mom. She also drinks lots of water, due to the power of her parents, and seeks to place just “the purest thing” in her body. One thing you ‘re never going to find her on is a crash diet.

3 Though you may see her with a tattoo every now and then, they are not real.

Gigi actually has no tattoos, but she has said it would be very tiny if she has one. However, she is a huge fan of henna tattoos which she credits to her Palestinian heritage.

2 Despite her young age (21), Gigi has a net worth that many people only dream of having.

Gigi is believed to have a net worth of about $4 million, due to her impressive modelling career. She has also starred alongside her mother, Yolanda Foster, in The True Housewives of Beverly Hills as well as making a few small movie appearances. She has also featured in a variety of music videos including ‘Surfboard’ by Cody Simpson and ‘Tree’ and ‘Pillowtalk’ by Zayn Malik. Additionally, she has featured in ‘Bad Blood’ by Taylor Swift and ‘How Big is Your Heart’ by Calvin Harris & Disciples.

1 Her real name is Jelena Noura Hadid.

Placed in Las Angeles, CA, 23 April 1995, the name given to Gigi is Jelena Noura Hadid. While Gigi ‘s mom had been calling her Gigi from a young age, when she had a classmate called Helena, she went by Jelena to school before first or second grade. Apparently, as she called out their names the girls had a hard time deciding which one the teacher was referring about. Her teacher asked her mom for a potential nickname in order to make a long storey short and she chose Gigi because that’s what she named her at home.