Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Aubrey Plaza


10 She did not follow her parents’ career paths

Aubrey Plaza was born to parents on a completely different career path from her, and typically the best stars have parents who have driven their careers from tender age. Her father, David Plaza, is a financial planner while her mother, Bernadette Plaza, is an attorney. Thank Goodness they weren’t getting in Aubrey ‘s way and her dreams because it would have robbed the world out of her great personality.

9 She is of mixed heritage

Aubrey Plaza, who was born in Wilmington, Delaware, is not only a result of diverse origins across America but also across continents. Her mother is European with ancestors of English and Irish while her father is Puerto Rican. But all of them have grown up in America but are still really attached to their roots. Her father lived in Philadelphia while her mother grew up in Wilmington, the same town where Aubrey and her siblings had been brought up.

8 She has two sisters

Aubrey Plaza has two sisters on the subject of her family and she is very proud of that. Their names are Renee and Natalie, one of whom also owes her fame to Aubrey Plaza but that can wait. She usually takes them along to cool things, and on an interview with Ellen DeGeneres even had one backstage. If her sisters are anything like her we already love them.

7 Her sister inspired her most popular role

Aubrey, most popularly known as the April Ludgate on Parks and Recreation for her funny role, attributes to her sister Natalie her cool character. In her 2009 interview with Latina Magazine, Aubrey stated that the conversations her sister has had with her friends are what she pulls new and cool ways for her character as April Ludgate to remain fresh and young from. She said, ‘Just the way she communicates with her friends and speaks about what’s cool and not cool, are people on Facebook or are they on MySpace… once I heard her call someone ‘schwasty,’ and I was like, ‘Natalie, what does that mean? ‘And she was like, ‘Thou knowest, evil.’

6 She cannot speak Spanish

She can’t utter a spanish word. While she is proud of her Spanish heritage and mentions every chance, she gets from her Puerto Rican relatives, she is, sadly, lacking in the Spanish department. Aubrey wants to spend every summer with her family on the islands and wishes she was fluent in interacting with half of her family better. She says in an interview with NY Daily News, “My grandfather came from Puerto Rico and raised his children speaking English so they could assimilate more easily.”

5 She was named after a song

Aubrey Plaza is named for a popular song. Her parents called her after the song ‘Aubrey’ by Bread in 1972 because it was so ‘sweet.’ To Delaware Today, her mother clarified the situation saying “It was so mysterious and eerie. One can only guess what was so special about this child, and never really know. It worked very well for Aubrey. It’s so hard to put into words what makes her so different, but I always knew she was going to be.” Aubrey derives from the Germanic name Alberic, the elves’ king as the German mythology says.

4 She had a stroke in college

21-year-old Aubrey Plaza was having a stroke from a blood clot in her brain’s left temporal lobe while she was in college. She was eventually partially crippled with vocal aphasia, meaning she would not be able to speak for a short period. Since then she has made a full recovery and is not suffering any adverse effects from the accident. The stroke occurred during an improv comedy class, where all her students obviously believed she was behaving and fooling around as Aubrey Plaza usually does.

3 She was kicked out of an awards show

Aubrey Plaza attempted to channel her inner Kanye West when, during a Will Ferrell acceptance speech at the 2013 MTV Movie Awards, she walked boldly on stage and pulled a prank that was very close to Kanye ‘s assault on Taylor Swift. Adorned with a hashtag of the latest film that she had starred in across her face, Plaza tried to take the award away from Ferrell who replied quickly as if he were in character before Plaza left the stage empty-handed and was later escorted out of the ceremony.

2 She is a part of a sports team

Even Aubrey Plaza doubles as a girl in the event. No, not necessarily, but she was so good playing the role that she should have been a role of one. In addition to actresses Molly Hawkey, Angela Trimbur, Melissa Stetten, Maria Blasucci and Jesse Thomas, she played a member of the Los Angeles basketball team the Pistol Shrimps. This film was a documentary about the real LA Pistol Shrimps performed perfectly well by all 5 ladies.

1 She likes to drink hot chocolate

She also loves tea but, considering her English and Irish origins, that’s to be expected. Rumor is she once drank 10 cups of hot chocolate on the day of a cold winter. Rumor also has that we made that up entirely but it wouldn’t shock us if one day Aubrey told that storey. That and her drinking 10 more cups of tea and talking about her having been in the bathroom for a week.