Top 10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amy Schumer


10 Afraid of Small Talk.

Her avoidance of brief discussions with individuals is reasonable. Described as locubrevisphobia, it is more prevalent than what people believe, or the fear of small talk. Most introverts hate casual talk, not because they are socially incompetent or snobby, but because I build barriers amongst people because they understand. Small talk is supposed to be light and enjoyable, escaping from sense and depth as a “social lubricant”. Small talk is uncomfortable and meaningless in certain ways, thus the explanation why Schumer doesn’t like it.

9 Afraid of Spiders.

Amy Schumer hates insects. In fact, according to Statistic Brain, it is the third largest fear of arachnophobia in the United States with 30,5 percent of the U.S. population. In the United States, the biggest phobia is fear of public speech, known as glossohobia, accompanied by fear of death. Schumer’s paranoia is also up up there with the other 30-percetn in the United States.

8 Brother is an Amazing Clarinet Player.

Jason Stein, Schumer’s half-brother, is such an outstanding clarinet player that during her stand-up show in December 2015, she made him put a jazz twist on him. Jason Stein opened for Amy Schumer ‘s show in Pittsburgh when he was performing with the band Locksmith Isidore. Set in the Chicago jazz avant-garde, this bass clarinet player had the chance to perform in front of 14,000 spectators, one of whom was his proud half-sister.

7 Can’t Whistle.

Schumer can’t whistle, amid endless hours of practise. She never knew how to whistle as a kid for whatever reason and still can’t to this day. You would imagine she would have to learn how to flag down a taxi by whistling in New York City, pre-Uber days. Schumer obviously got along fine without this ability. 33-percent of the people can’t whistle, according to This is a relatively high percentage, but Amy is lucky.

6 Excellent Horseback Rider.

Schumer has been an outstanding horseback rider since she was a teen. Since she recently made a pun while riding a horse to mimic one of the characters from Game of Thrones, she is grateful to have this preparation while growing up. To make fun of the show she likes, this joke was shared on Instagram.

5 Godfather is Doug Barr.

Doug Barr is better known for being the artist of Lee Majors on The Fall Man. He was with Spaced Invaders and the Magician as well. When she was growing up, the family knew him, so they asked Barr to become the godfather of Amy and he agreed. Throughout her childhood, she was surrounded by talented performers, actresses and performance artists, and she undoubtedly picked up some lessons for acting.

4 Has Gone Skydiving.

There are only a couple of people who have really gone skydiving, and one who has made the list is Amy Schumer. Although most individuals really liked the experience until they were safely on the ground with intact bodies, Schumer admitted that she did not like the experience and would never indulge in it again.

3 Hates Cats.

Schumer is a canine enthusiast and hates cats. The success of cat videos on the Internet has really improved the overall interest of cats. Unfortunately, Schumer does not buy into this and the fluffy felines are still unable to stand. She adopted a tiny pooch for this occasion.

2 Was a Competitive Volleyball Player.

Schumer was a pretty competitive volleyball player during her younger years, especially in high school. While she is no longer competitive, in her free time, Schumer also likes to creep down to the beach and play a few pickup games. Maybe she should enter a league to get the competitive edge in volleyball back from her younger years?

1 Loves Reading Memoirs.

Schumer has loved reading memoirs of numerous individuals ever since she was a child. It offers her insight into the challenges they face, their sense of humour, a first-person intimate glimpse at their lives and their overall personalities. Memoirs are a perfect way to finally get to know someone, especially though you’ve never met them before.