Top 10 Tallest Woman In The World


10. Heather Greene

She currently lives in Las Vegas, Nevada & is 6 ft & 5.5 inches tall. That doesn’t include the height she likes so much when she uses her high heels. In the United States of America the lady is immensely famous only because of how tall she is. She was raised as an American, Heather has difficulty finding clothes that suit her properly. Most of the time she has to get them custom fit. Her health still remains at risk because of the height, but I think when you’re well-known and have a lot of respect for you, it’s okay that clothes don’t fit perfectly and the body could break down at such an early age in your life.

9. Rita Miniva Besa

Today, she is from Zimbabwe, she lives in the USA. Rita’s on a basketball squad because of her 6 foot 8 inch height. In certain situations, it may in reality be a good idea for you while you are standing at a extreme height. Rita is the best example of that given that she’s a fantastic basketball player because of exactly what her height on the court does for her. She’s famous, and has all the skills for an amazing sport.

8. Caroline Welz

She is 6 foot 9 inches tall and is very famous in her country of origin. Not only is she famous, but she is also inspired by how tall she is. Although there are numerous people living in this nation who are extremely tall, Caroline is unique because she remains the tallest of them all in fact.

7. Malee Duangdee

Thailand’s tallest woman, once listed as the world’s tallest woman by the Guinness World Records, died at 24.

6 foot 10 inches can be a challenge to tackle, but Malee seems to tackle herself absolutely fine.

6. Gitika Srivastava

She’s standing 6 foot 11 inches and playing hoops for a real living. She is from India and this makes her a great inspiration to many people residing in India because she is the 6th tallest woman on the planet. Her father was a basketball player as well, and was incredibly tall.

5. Uljana Semjonova

Larionovna Semjonova is a former Basketball player from the Soviet-Latvian region. In the 1970s and 1980s Semjonova was the world’s top women’s basketball player standing at least 2.14 m. She was known for having the biggest feet ever in women’s basketball, sporting a men’s size 21/58 pair.

She was awarded the Red Banner of Labor Order in 1976 and became the first non-US woman in the Basketball Hall of Fame in 1993. She was founding member of the 1999 class of the Women’s Basketball Hall of Fame.

4. Zainab Bibi

She is 7 feet and 2 inches tall. She left last but not least because she was sick of her family grumbling about her height and how it affected them. She sought to get a place to stay but was rejected for staying at the asylum in 2009. After that she got the chance to live in a flat on the council in Greater Manchester which was a contract complimentary.

3. Małgorzata Dydek

In the United States, Małgorzata Dydek, known as Margo Dydek, was a professional Basketball player from Poland. She was notable for being the tallest female women basketball player in the world, standing 7 ft 2 in (2.18 m) tall. She played center position for several WNBA teams, and was a Queensland Basketball League mentor for the Northside Wizards. She received the Polish Gold Merit Cross (1999).

 2. Sandy Allen

She was an American woman listed as the world’s tallest female by the Guinness World Records. She was 231 cm (7 feet 7 inches) tall.

Allen wrote a book, Shadow Cast A Giant. Though other women took over the title over the years, Allen had held it for the last 16 years of her life. Her height was due to a tumor in her pituitary gland which uncontrollably caused her to release growth hormone. She underwent surgery for the disease at age twenty-two.

1. Yao Defen

Yao Defen of China, as recognized by Guinness World Records, was the tallest living woman. She was 234 centimeters tall, weighed 144 kg (317 lb) and was 23 (US) feet tall. Their gigantism was due to a pituitary gland tumor.

The story of this “giant woman” began to spread quickly after she went to see a doctor for an illness at the age of fifteen. Medical doctors (who also saw her after years) correctly diagnosed the illness, but chose not to treat her because her family did not have the surgical 4000 yuan. Following that, other companies sought to train her to become a sports star.