Top 10 Successful & Popular K-pop Idols 2021


10 Lee Ji-Eun

Lee Ji-Eun, better known by his stage name IU, is the most well-known South Korean singer and composer. I and You is the meaning of her name IU, which means “We are one via music.” She enrolled with Kakao M as a trainee at the age of 15 and made her debut in the first album Lost and Found. She failed more than 20 auditions before releasing her hit songs Palette, Bibbi, and Bluming. Some of the phoney agencies, on the other hand, conned her. Nothing, however, can stop her from becoming a renowned and well-known K-pop artist. She is a talented actor as well as a vocalist.

9 Kim Hyun-Joong

Meet Kim Hyun-Joong, a well-known actor, lyricist, and singer. His Korean K-pop group SS501 has him as the lead and main rapper. In the Korean music business, he is known for his flair, attitude, and, of course, his incredible singing skills. He was just interested in academics until he was introduced to music in high school. He abruptly dropped out of school and chose to pursue a career as a musician. As a result, he formed the boyband SS501 and returned to school to complete his education.

8 Jeno


Introduced is the team’s primary rapper and lead vocalist, NCT Dream and NCT U. With his first single, ‘Chewing gum,’ this young vocalist made his NCT Dream debut. He shot to fame after performing on the special stage Kick & Ride with NCT. Jeno is a Chinese name that meaning “king” and “work hard” in Chinese characters. He wanted to be an architect or a vehicle designer since he was a youngster. But he soon realised his passion for music. He made the decision to pursue a career in music.

7 Jennie

Jennie, a member of Blackpink, is unquestionably one of the most successful and well-known K-pop stars. The Instagram account (@lalalalisa ma) has the most recent photos of the lovely Jennie. She shares a behind-the-scenes view from her official account. You can stay up to date with Blackpink’s upcoming video by following her on Instagram. She has a habit of posting her shooting videos on social media. If you like Blackpink, you should follow her.

6 Jimin

Like BTS’s major threat and lead vocalist? Do you have any idea what his name is? Jimin — according to Google, Jimin is known as K-‘It pop’s Boy.’ Last December, BTS released a video called Christmas Song. This song uses music to depict his childhood. His incredible stage presence, feminine charm, and, of course, show-stopping talent have helped him establish himself as the leading male K-pop idol. Some Google search results, on the other hand, indicate that Jimin has the charisma and potential to be a K-pop icon.

5 Sehun

If you’re a true K-pop fan, it’s difficult not to be a fan of beautiful hunk Sehun. He is currently one of the most well-known K-pop idols. His limitless sweetness and gracious demeanour make him a listener’s heartthrob. Sehun, on the other hand, wants to concentrate on the feelings of each move rather than the skills. This is one of the things that binds him to his supporters. Sehun is the primary actor in the Korean web film Dokgo Rewind, and he is both dynamic and engaging.

4 Kim Tae-Hyung

‘V’ is the stage name of the well-known K-pop singer. V’s sweet eyes had everyone swooning. V’s distinct style, on the other hand, is very outstanding and well-received in the Korean fashion industry. His solemn demeanour, killer eyes, and humble speech are all really endearing. BTS members refer to him as a “4D” member of the group. V may be found in your favourite programmes as well as his songs. He made his acting debut in the drama Hwarang: The Poet Warrior Youth, playing a supporting part.

3 Jisoo

Jisoo — the new style sensation Blackpink – is another deserved name among the top 10 popular K-pop stars in 2021. Simply look at her Instagram page to see a plethora of beauty and the most up-to-date Korean fashion goods. Her passion to fashion and music earned her a spot on the cover of the prestigious VOGUE magazine. Her posts, however, are more numerous than those of the other members of Blackpink.

2 Lisa

This isn’t a Korean girl. As of 2021, she is still one of the top K-pop stars in the globe. This argument is supported by the fact that she currently has over 52.7 million Instagram followers. The girl demonstrates that non-Koreans may also achieve success in the K-pop industry. Lisa is a K-pop female dancer and rapper who was born in Thailand. Lisa not only aspires to be the most captivating K-pop celebrity in the industry.

1 Jungkook

Jungkook, the youngest member of BTS, is presently the world’s most popular K-pop idol. He is well-liked not just in South Korea, but also across the world. Raps and frequent dancing routines are the most compelling aspects of his presentation. His fascinating personality and eye-catching appearance have led to his continued success. Surprisingly, this K-pop singer used to be a badminton player when he was younger. However, G-song Dragon’s pushed him to pursue his new passion during their freshman year of high school.