Top 10 Reasons to Own an Apple Watch



To be offended by the Apple Watch’s design, you’d have to be a severe philistine. The smartwatch’s curved edges, vivid colours, and stunning case make it a futuristic-looking watch that doesn’t go overboard with the design (much like any other Apple product).


The Apple Watch comes in two sizes: 38mm and 42mm, with stainless steel or aluminium case options. The wearer may also alter the watch face on the screen. You may change the style of your watch face to anything you like, whether it’s a contemporary, digital look, a classic design, or whimsical Mickey Mouse hands displaying the time. There are a variety of straps to choose from, including sporty, nylon, and designer-made straps from well-known companies like Hermès.


There are considerably more costly watches out there, so don’t complain about the price. The most basic 38mm stainless steel model would set you back roughly $650, but it’s worth looking into secondhand watches to get a better deal. Check to see if one is available in like-new shape, and keep an eye out in the coming months; Apple Watch fans may be seeking to sell their watches, as the much-anticipated Apple Watch 2 is expected to be released in September.


The Apple Watch brings a lot of convenience into your life. You can use your wristwatch to answer calls and text messages instead of your iPhone, but because it employs loudspeaker capability, make sure you’re in a private or quiet environment when doing so. To be clear, you’ll still need your iPhone to send a text message, although the Apple Watch does support template messages like “On my way,” “Nearly there,” and emojis.


Apple has put a lot of work into its ‘Activity app,’ which provides the user three daily health goals: stand up for one minute every hour, meet your own calorie burn target, and walk for at least 30 minutes. The wearer’s fitness will be tracked by the smartwatch, which will also provide reminders to perform activities.


The Apple Watch is capable of detecting your general heart rate in addition to fitness tracking. The gadget will measure your BPM and offer you with thorough daily analysis using sensors on the rear of the timepiece. There are also a slew of excellent health-related applications available, like Lark, Lifesum, and WebMD.

On-the-go apps

One of the best features of the Apple Watch is that it makes accessing applications more faster and easier. We can utilise applications for translation, finding our way, paying for in-store purchases with Apple Pay, and Siri, the ever-helpful digital assistant, without having to reach for our iPhones.


The Apple Watch can be coupled with Bluetooth headphones to listen to music while working out, allowing you to shake and move around without having to worry about your iPhone falling out of your pocket.

Remote viewfinder

Taking a group photo with your phone across the room might take some time, since lining up everyone and getting the perspective exactly perfect takes a few tries. The remote viewfinder on an Apple Watch, on the other hand, allows you to manoeuvre everyone into place and shoot a great shot on the first try.

Find your iPhone

Most of us have been guilty of setting our phone somewhere and then completely forgetting about it! These brief panic attacks can be alleviated by using an Apple Watch, which can call your iPhone and make you vow you’ll never let it out of your sight again!