Top 10 Mysterious Temples From India

5. Nidhivan – Rang Mahal Temple (Vrindavan)

The events in and around the temple make it enigmatic. It is Lord Krishna’s devoted. The temple is in thick forest where trees have hollow bark and dry, but throughout the year the trees around the temple are green. The trees are standing straight, yet they bend and fall to the ground. After evening prayer, the temple is shut down and every morning when it is opened, sweets are eaten in part, clothes are used. People are afraid of even wanting to see what’s going on during the night.

4. Puri Jagannath Temple, Puri, Orissa

Jagannath temple’s main dome is a beautiful structure. Its shadow at any time of the day is not visible. Remarkable and the mysterious is the top-flapping flag adorned and fluttering in the breeze’s opposite direction. Another mystery is that there was no sign of birds flying over the temple of Jagannath. Despite this there is no scientific explanation. When you leave the entrance of Singha dwara, you can hear the whisper of the ocean, but when you enter, you can not hear it. This can be found for clarification. This is really a juggernaut defiant logic.

3. Kal Garudar, Nachiyar Koil, Kumbakonam, TN

This temple’s Kal Garuda idol is made of single stone and is light in weight and can be easily carried by four men. But its weight is said to rise during the procession as it passes out, needing about 32 people to carry it at different stages. Likewise, when it moves back to the temple, the weight slowly decreases and it can be put in its place by four men. Magnificent yet enigmatic!

2. Lord Balaji, Tirupati, Andhra

One of the richest temples in the world-famous and world is a mystery. Lord Balaji’s idol has an early morning temperature of 110 degrees Fahrenheit at 4:30AM. He holds a temperature about 110 degrees and always sweats even in cold weather. The eight idols are made from the stones of’ Sila Thoranam.’ Such kinds of stones are only visible in the Thirupathi hills, and unbelievable nowhere else in the world!

1. Jwala Ji Temple, Kangra District, Himachal Pradesh

Eternal flame burns in this temple without any fuel source; in a natural cave. For the nine Durgas, the nine flames symbolize. Legend has it that the tongue and clothes of Sati Mata fell here that were on fire and since then have not blown off, which burns forever. In the age-old rock, where the water bursts all the time, the tiny blue flames fall from fissures. It might be normal, but it’s a mystery.

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