Top 10 Most Weird Looking Phones Ever Made


10 Motorola V70

People believed it was an innovative design 15 years ago when this phone was debuted for around $400 with features like GPRS support and a 360° revolving keyboard. But, as you might expect, that design didn’t endure long, and it went down in history as one of the oddest-looking phones ever.

9 Nokia 7600

This odd-looking phone, which had a unique teardrop shape and a variety of replaceable covers, was curiously aimed at the “fashion” market. The number keys were arranged around the perimeter of the screen. The VGA camera was of decent quality for its time, but by today’s standards, it was mediocre. This stylish design wasn’t without problems; those keys made typing and dialling quite difficult.

8 Nokia N-Gage

Nokia has released another another poorly built phone aimed at gamers, this time with the goal of luring them away from the Game Boy Advance by incorporating phone capabilities into a handheld console. The N-Gage, on the other hand, was an instant flop, partially because the phone buttons were not well-suited for gaming, and it lacked the necessary design to be used as a phone, making it one of the most bizarrely designed phones ever.

7 Samsung Serene

The Samsung Serene with round keyboard was developed as a collaborative effort between Samsung Electronics and Bang & Olufsen, a luxury goods company. Although it wasn’t precisely a bad-looking phone, this $1275 item is oddly shaped to be used as a phone.

6 Nokia 7280

The final entry from Nokia, the former heavyweight in the mobile phone industry. It comes in black, white, and red and has a screen that fades to a mirror when not in use, as part of Nokia’s “Fashion Phone” series. Although the design was able to generate buzz in the fashion world, it is now widely regarded as one of the oddest-looking phones ever created.

5 BlackBerry Passport

It is primarily designed for those wishing to purchase an outdated BlackBerry phone with the most up-to-date hardware specifications. With this one-of-a-kind phone, BlackBerry has effectively met that challenge. However, it is the oddest-looking smartphone now on the market.

4 Samsung Juke

It supports a wide selection of music formats and includes 2GB of music storage. The design, which is both distinctive and strange, is, perhaps, the most intriguing aspect of it. It features the ability to rotate the display so that the keypad is visible. It was a sincere attempt at the time to meet the requirements of music fans, but it failed miserably in terms of design.

3 Monohm Runcible

This circular phone has a display on the front, a camera on the back, and other functions that modern consumers require. The smartphone is certainly unusual and gorgeous, but it is also one of the wackiest phones ever made.

2 Haier P7 Pen Phone

Is there anyone interested in a phone with the ability to write on paper? That’s all there is to the Haier pen phone. This pen is unique in that it can be used to make calls, send texts, and perform all of the functions of a conventional cell phone. The P7 Pen Phone may not be the most popular phone ever, but it is certainly one of the most unusual.

1 The Golden Buddha Phone

This bizarre phone is one of China’s most costly creations. It has genuine jade, pearl powder lacquer, and 24 carat gold plating, making it China’s most expensive smartphone at $1,750, but we’re not sure who would pay that much for such an odd product.