Top 10 Most Unusual Festivals in the World


10 Turkey Testicle Festival

The oldest such event, which involves turkey testicles, is held in Byron, Illinois. Similar events, some of which include cattle testicles, are celebrated in Olean, Missouri, Oakdale, California, Huntley, Illinois, and Missoula, Montana. Every year in September, the World Testicle Cooking Championship is held in Ozrem, Serbia. The event offers a wide range of testicles, including animal testicles. It also honours “brave” newsmakers with prizes. In 2010, President Barack Obama of the United States and pilot Chesley Sullenberger received honours.

9 Roswell UFO Festival

A “flying disc” was retrieved from the area, according to the Roswell Army Air Field. The next day, the announcement was withdrawn and replaced with the assertion that a weather balloon had been discovered. This prompted instant outrage among the populace, who assumed aliens had arrived and the government was attempting to hide the fact. The argument rages on more than 60 years later. In the city of Roswell, there is an annual parade when people may dress up as aliens and attend brief conferences given by alien specialists and authors to commemorate their conviction that aliens have arrived on Earth.

8 Pamplona Bull Run

A running of the bulls is a midsummer festival in which participants run in front of a small group of cattle, generally six but occasionally ten or more, that have been released loose on a course of a sectioned-off subset of a town’s streets. The necessity to transfer the bulls from off-site corrals where they had spent the night to the bullring where they would be slaughtered in the evening inspired this event. Youngsters would leap between them to demonstrate their bravery. According to legend, the actual origins of the run may be traced back to the early 14th century in northern Spain.

7 Festival of the Horns

The horns are symbolic of a guy who has been duped in Italian culture. According to legend, the connection dates back to the Roman Empire. For long periods of time, many soldiers left for combat. They were given a pair of horns as a present when they returned. When they came home, however, they frequently discovered that their spouses had left them for other men. As a result, the term “cornuto” came to mean a guy who had been duped.

6 Baby Jumping Festival

Since 1621, this is one of Spain’s strangest yearly events, held in the Province of Burgos. Men costumed as the Devil (known as the Colacho) jump over babies born in the preceding twelve months of the year who are lying on mattresses in the street during the performance known as El Salto del Colacho (the devil’s jump) or simply El Colacho. The festival has been dubbed one of the world’s most hazardous. The tradition’s roots are unclear, but it is supposed to purge newborns of original sin, secure their safe passage through life, and protect them from disease and bad spirits.

5 Cat Food Festival

The Cat Food Festival is celebrated every year on the day of Santa Ifigenia, a protective black art, in Caete, south of Lima. The event takes place in September, with fifty cats sacrificing themselves for the occasion. Different recipes containing cat meat, such as schnitzel, huacatay, and greaves, are prepared in the same way. Animals are specifically raised and fattened for human consumption.

4 Monkey Buffet Festival

Thailand hosts the Monkey Buffet Festival every year to encourage tourism. While it may appear that this event is a monkey buffet, it is truly a monkey buffet. In almost any other region of the globe, the macaque monkey population in Lopburi would be called a nuisance. They are, nevertheless, adored in Lopburi. The macaque monkeys are thought to be descendants of a monkey warrior, and the villagers think they bring good fortune, therefore they are permitted to walk freely among the humans. Every year, a celebration is held to honour these so-called good-luck monkeys, with over 2,000 kg of fruits, vegetables, and other monkey-friendly delicacies for the animals to enjoy.

3 Hadaka Matsuri

A Hadaka Matsuri is a sort of Japanese celebration or matsuri in which participants wear just a fundoshi loincloth, occasionally with a short happi coat, and seldom entirely nude. The Saidai-ji Eyo Hadaka Matsuri, which takes place in Okayama, is the most well-known event. Every year in Okayama, Japan, nearly 9,000 men participate in the Naked Festival – Hadaka Matsuri – which dates back 500 years. This celebration attracts around 9,000 guys each year. At midnight, a Shinto priest tosses a pair of fortunate sticks into the crowd, and the men must fight until one of them catches them.

2 Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake

The Cooper’s Hill Cheese-Rolling and Wake is an annual event conducted in Cooper’s Hill, near Gloucester, England, on the Spring Bank Holiday. After a round of Double Gloucester cheese is sent rolling down the 200-yard-long hill, participants sprint down it. It is historically organised by and for residents of Brockworth, but today people from all over the world participate. The event is named for the hill on which it takes place. This is a typical occasion. A round of Double Gloucester cheese is rolled from the top of the hill, and contestants run down the slope to catch it. The cheese is awarded to the first person to cross the finish line at the foot of the hill.

1 Kanamara Matsuri

The Shinto Kanamara Matsuri is a springtime Japanese event held at the Kanayama Shrine in Kawasaki. The primary events take place on the first Sunday in April, however the exact dates vary. The Kanamara Matsuri is held in honour of a local penis-venerating temple that was previously popular among prostitutes seeking protection from sexually transmitted illnesses. There are also heavenly safeguards for company prosperity and clan prosperity, as well as for smooth delivery, marriage, and married-couple harmony, according to legend. There’s also a storey of a sharp-toothed monster hiding within a young woman’s vagina and castrating two young men on their wedding nights.