Top 10 Most Powerful Military Countries In The World
  1. Italy

Today Italy is Europe’s 3rd military power (after France and the UK, and above Germany because the Germans have cut their budget too much). The Navy (Marina Militare), with two air carriers, four destroyers and 13 frigates, is the largest in Europe.

Each year it spends $34,000,000 on the defense budget. It has 320,000 active front Army personnel and 586 tanks in its army. Its population is 25,500,000 and 59 helicopters are targeted. Italy has 785 planes, and a total of 143 naval forces.

  1. Germany

Germany is one of the world’s most powerful economic forces and its defense budget is $36,300,000,000. This country began providing military support to the leaders of the European NATO. Germany uses military services which are Russian production. It has 180,000 active military personnel, 676 planes, 408 tanks, 44 attack helicopters, and 44,790,000 staff. The power index for this country is 0.2646, and a total of 81 naval strength.

  1. Turkey

Turkey has one of Europe’s or Asia’s most strong armed forces with an air force containing nearly 300 F-16 Fighting Falcons and a naval force with more than a dozen submarines and a marine infantry brigade, the analyst said.

Turkey has strong ties to programs by the US and around the world. The budget for defense is $18,185,000,000. In total there are about 1,007 planes and 3778 tanks. This country has 410,500 active military personnel and 64 helicopters attacking; its overall naval strength as labor force is 194, and 28,790,000.

  1. Japan

Japan’s Self-Defense Forces, JSDF, also known as the Self-Defense Forces (SDF), Japan’s Defense Forces (JDF), or Japan’s armed forces, are Japan’s unified military forces formed in 1954 and commanded by the Ministry of Defence. In a 2015 Credit Suisse survey, the JSDF ranked as the fourth most powerful military in conventional capabilities in the world, and has the eighth largest military budget in the world. They have participated in international peacekeeping operations in recent years including UN peacekeeping.

The budget for defense amounts to $40,300,000,000, and has 250,000 active military personnel. Japan’s strength index as naval force is 0.2466, and 131. It owns 678 tanks and 119 helicopters of attack. The cumulative aircraft in this country is 1590 along with a work force of 65,870,000.

  1. The United Kingdom

The major strength of United Kingdom is nuclear weapons, effective preparation, and their facilities. The defense budget of that country stands at $40,300,000,000. It has 250,000 active military personnel, 678 tanks, and 119 helicopters for assaults. The gross naval strength and labor force are respectively 131 and 65.870.000. The power index for the United Kingdom is respectively 0.2466 and 1590 aircraft.

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