Top 10 Most Beautiful Russian Female Singers


10 Zemfira Ramazanova

Zemfira is defined by her deep, dark eyes, short black hair, and a very high-pitched voice. Miss Zemfira’s most notable feature, aside from her appearance, is the rock genre in which she works. Only a few vocalists are capable of producing rock music, and Zemfira is one of them. Zemfira has a total of ten studio albums and six solo albums to her credit. Kukusha and Iskala are her most well-known works.

9 Lolita Milyavskaya

Lolita Markovna Milyavskaya is a Ukrainian-born Russian singer, actress, and TV and film director. Her stage name is Lolita, and she is well-known for it. She was born in Mukachevo, Ukraine’s Zakarpattia Oblast. She is a well-known vocalist who is admired for her attractive appearance and athletic physique. Lolita has been serving her country as a producer, singer, and actress since 1987.

8 Marina Verenikina

Marina Verenikina is a singer and musician from Russia. She was born in Moscow, Russian Soviet Socialist Republic, to a nuclear physicist father and a child psychologist mother. She has 12 CDs to her credit and has performed over 1,200 events throughout the world.

7 Julia Volkova

This stunning beauty is well-known for her sensual looks and collaborations with Lena Katina. “All the Things She Said” is one of Julia and Lena’s most well-known songs. Julia has worked extensively in the Russian music business since 1994. She’s also recorded a lot of songs in English. Volkova sparked outrage in the media when she revealed in an interview that she had converted to Islam and has no qualms about living in a Muslim nation.

6 Yulia Savicheva

Yulia is well-known for representing her nation in a singing competition in Turkey. Yulia was a kid star who was noted for her dance abilities. Yulia opted to try singing after having a successful start in her dance career and performed abroad, and she seemed to have honed this gift as well. Yulia’s debut album, “Believe Me,” was published in 2004, and she has been bringing us song after hit since then.

5 Lena Katina

Two of her most popular songs are “All About Us” and “All the Things She Said.” Lena is well known for her collaborations with the band t.A t.U. Lena’s skill may be deduced from the fact that she began her career at the age of eight, when she appeared in a Russian children’s theatre called Act Avenue. Her song “All The Things She Said” was one of the most popular in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

4 Polina Gagarina

Polina Sergeevna Gagarina is a Russian actress, singer, and songwriter. She competed in the Eurovision Song Contest 2015 as Russia’s representative, placing second with 303 points with her song “A Million Voices.” She made history by being the first second-place finisher to score more than 300 points.

3 Anna Pletnyova

Pletnyova, Anna Yuryevna, is a Russian singer, songwriter, and composer. She was a former member of the Russian pop group Litsey and has been a member of the pop group Vintage since 2006. This lovely but sexy woman was born in Moscow in 1977 and is not only a singer but also a music composer and writer. Anna Pletnyova began her career in 1997 with the band Litsey, but she left in 2005 to join Vintage, where she is now employed. Anna was named one of the world’s most sexiest women by FHM magazine.

2 Anna Semenovich

Anna Semenovich began her singing career with Blestyashcie in 2003 and continued with them till 2007. She quickly gathered a huge following after deciding to go solo musically. Anna launched the Velvet Music label in 2004, when she and her friends began using it. Anna not only has a stunning voice, but she also has a captivating demeanour. She’s also known for her adorable appearance. Miss Semenovich is mostly a fan of pop music.

1 Olga Seryabkina

Seryabkina, Olga Yurievna, is a Russian singer-songwriter. She was a member of the female group Serebro, who placed third in the Eurovision Song Contest 2007 until 2019, when she announced her departure as the final member of the original lineup.