Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women
  1. Yasmine Pahlavi

Born: 26 July 1968

Birthplace: Tehran, Iran.

Yasmine Etemad-Amini was born on 26 July 1968 at Pars Hospital in Tehran, Iran. She attended private Tehran Community School in Tehran until her family was forced to leave Iran permanently by rising tensions in the late 1970’s. They settled in the California area of San Francisco where she attended Notre Dame High School and enrolled there.

She has served as a staff attorney for the Children’s Law Center in Washington, DC for ten years, representing at-risk rights and underprivileged young people. She was also the co-founder and a director of the Iran Children’s Foundation. The Foundation was and remains founded in 1991 to provide health care services to Iranian children or children of Iranian descent regardless of race, colour, sex, religion or political affiliation. On 11 February 2014, she resigned her leadership role as well as any association with the Foundation. She revealed on November 27, 2018 that she is fighting breast cancer.

  1. Princess Märtha Louise of Norway

Born: 22 September 1971

Birthplace: Oslo University Hospital, Rikshospitalet, Oslo, Norway

After her brother Haakon and his children, she is fourth in the line of succession to the Norwegian throne but is not a member of the royal house. She had no inheritance rights to the Norwegian throne at the time of her birth as did her aunts Ragnhild and Astrid due to the agnatic primogeniture succession of Norway. This only changed in 1990, when, after her younger brother, the Norwegian parliament adopted male-preference primogeniture succession for those born before 1990, which made her 3rd in line at the time. However at the time of her birth she was already 30th in the line of succession to the British throne.

After Princess Märtha Louise began her own business on 1 January 2002, in order to work more freely from her constitutional role as princess. She started paying income tax, and the King issued a royal edict after consulting her, removing the Royal Highness style of Princess Märtha Louise (it is traditionally granted the lesser Highness style abroad, although this style has no legal status in Norway). She retains her place in the line of succession, however, and although her activities have been reduced she still performs some public duties on the King’s behalf.

  1. Queen Letizia of Spain

Born: 15 September 1972

Birthplace: Oviedo, Spain

Letizia Ortiz came from a middle-class family and worked for ABC and EFE as a journalist, before becoming a news anchor for CNN+ and Televisión Española. It was announced in 2003 that she had been engaged to marry Felipe, then Prince of Asturias and apparent heir to the Spanish throne. They got married in the year 2004. Their daughters, Leonor and Sofía born respectively in 2005 and 2007. In Spain and abroad Letizia represented her father-in-law, King Juan Carlos, as Princess of Asturias. Felipe and Letizia became King and Queen of Spain upon the abdication of her father-in-law in 2014.

On 7 August 1998, Letizia married Alonso Guerrero Pérez (born 1962), a writer and a teacher of high school literature, in a simple civil ceremony at Almendralejo, in Badajoz, after a ten-year courtship. In 1999 the marriage was dissolved through divorce.

  1. Charlotte Casiraghi

Born: 3 August 1986

Birthplace: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Charlotte Marie Pomeline Casiraghi (born 3 August 1986) is the second child of the Italian industrialist Caroline, Princess of Hanover and Stefano Casiraghi. She is 11th in line to Monaco’s throne. Her maternal grandparents were the Prince of Monaco, Rainier III and American actress Grace Kelly. She is named after Princess Charlotte, her maternal grandmother, Duchess of Valentinois. She was baptized on September 20th 1986. My godparents are Albina du Boisrouvray, and the brother-in-law of Stefano Casiraghi, Massimo Bianchi.

One of her first acts in public life was to become a Monaco representative to the Club des Habits Rouges, similar to The Pony Club in the UK. At the same time her grandfather, Prince of Monaco, Rainier III, named her patron of the Monaco Public Safety Department.

Casiraghi was named number ten at 16 on a list of the most eligible young women in the world. Vanity Fair, Casiraghi was chosen as one of the 2006 International Best Dressed List. At fashion shows, art exhibits, and equestrian events Casiraghi is often photographed.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women
Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women
  1. Lady Gabriella Windsor

Born: 23 April 1981

Birthplace: St Mary’s Hospital, London, United Kingdom

Lady Gabriella Marina Alexandra Ophelia Kingston (born 23 April 1981 in Windsor) is an English freelance writer and a member of the extended royal family of Britain. She is Prince and Kent’s daughter Princess Michael. She remains 52nd in line with the British throne’s succession.

Among other magazines she also contributes to The London Magazine.  She is the Playing for Change Foundation’s board chair, a global non-profit music and arts education, and for Toucan Ventures, which supports innovative entrepreneurs ‘ development. In addition, she has done Latin American campaigns, including teaching English in Rio de Janeiro and collaborating on music events in Buenos Aires.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women
Top 10 Most Beautiful Royal Women


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