Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers

Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers

  1. Moss rose

It is a small but fast-growing annual plant which grows to 30 cm tall, though usually smaller. However, it can easily achieve this height if properly cultivated. The leaves are fleshy and dense, up to 2.5 cm long and arranged alternately or in small clusters. The flowers have a diameter of 2.5–3 cm and five petals, variable red, black, purple, green, and yellow. Their long shoots normally branch upright, or ascending, near the base. The leaves, which extend 20 to 25 millimeters long and 2 to 3 millimeters broad, are almost or entirely stalk-shaped and taper towards the tip.

  1. Eglanteria

It is a thick deciduous shrub 2–3 m high and across, bearing several hooked prickles on the stems. The foliage has a heavy scent similar to an apple. The leaves are pinnate compound, 5–9 cm long, with a serrated margin of 5–9 rounded to oval leaflets, and numerous glandular hairs. The flowers are 1.8–3 cm in diameter, the five petals are pink with a white base and the various stamens are yellow; the flowers are produced together in clusters of 2–7, from late spring to mid-summer. The fruit is a globose, 1–2 cm in diameter to oblong red head.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers

  1. Floribunda

Floribunda is a modern group of garden roses formed through the crossing of hybrid teas with polyantha roses, the latter deriving from crosses between Rosa chinensis and Rosa multiflora The idea was to produce roses blooming with the profusion of polyantha, but with hybrid tea floral beauty and choice of colours.

The Danish breeder Dines Poulsen introduced the first polyantha / hybrid tea cross, ‘Rödhätte’ in 1907. It had features of both its parent groups, and was originally called a Polyantha or Poulsen rose hybrid. In subsequent years, Poulsen continued the line of work, adding multiple Hybrid Polyanthas such as ‘Else Poulsen’ in 1924. Other breeders soon began introducing similar varieties, and Dr. J.N. Nicolas, a rose hybridizer for Jackson & Perkins in the US, invented the term “floribunda” in 1930.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers
Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers
  1. Gallic Rose

Rosa gallica, the Gallic rose, French rose, or Provins rose, is a flowering plant species within the rose family, native to Southern and Central Europe east to Turkey and the Caucasus. It was among the first rose plants to be grown in central Europe.

Rosa gallica is a large patch-forming, deciduous shrub. The slender, straight prickles in this species are variable in size and frequency The leaves are pinnate-compound, with three to seven bluish-green leaflets. The flowers are grouped on glandular pedicels, three to four together. Can flora has five petals or more, often creating double corollas. The flowers are dark pink and flavourful. The hips are ovoid globose, in diameter of 10–13 mm, orange to brownish.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers
Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers
  1. Foetida

Rosa foetida, known by many common names including Austrian briar, Persian yellow rose, and Austrian copper rose, is a rose plant native to the foothills of the Georgian Caucasus. It has yellow flowers, with a scent that some consider objectionable. Because no yellow roses were native to Europe, its introduction from Persia was an important addition to rose cultivation, and R. Foetida also adds greatly to the stock of cultivated roses.

The rose is known for its smell — foetida is Latin for “having a poor smell “— which is reminiscent of boiling linseed oil, an odor others consider unacceptable to. Compared to others though, “the scent isn’t so bad.

  1. Alba

York’s white rose is a hybrid rose of uncertain parentage, grown in Europe from ancient times. It may have been originally grown primarily for the flowers’ sweet fragrance but is now often used as a winter-hardy garden shrub. Cultivated forms have pink or white flowers, with most petals. They also developed hybrid cultivars with red or yellow flowers.

Alba is a hybrid rose which crosses Rosa canina and Rosa Damascena. It is an ancient rose garden, cultivated in Europe from the 1st century onwards. In other words, it is the most exquisite rose plant, it is colored from white to light pink. Parts of Alba have a number of blue-green foliage petals and are highly fragrant.

  1. Banksiae

Rosa banksiae, common names Lady Banks’ rose, or simply Banks’ rose, is a flowering plant species in the rose family, native to central and western China, in the provinces of Gansu, Guizhou, Henan, Hubei, Jiangsu, Sichuan and Yunnan, at altitudes of 500–2,200 m (1,640–7,218 ft). The rose is named for the botanist Sir Joseph Banks wife Dorothea Lady Banks.

It is a shrubby scrambling vine which grows vigorously up to 6 m (20 ft) tall. It is virtually thornless, unlike most roses, although it can bear some prickles up to 5 mm long, particularly on robust, strong shoots. The leaves are evergreen, 4–6 cm long, with three to five (rarely seven) leaflets with a serrated margin of 2–5 cm in length.

Top 10 Most Beautiful Rose Flowers

The flowers are small, white or light yellow, 1.5–2.5 cm in diameter, and are fragrant. It is among the earliest flora of all roses, typically occurring in the northern hemisphere during May, although cold weather may delay flowering. The roses of Lady Banks are said to smell violets to varying degrees.

  1. Bourbon

Bourbon roses are uniquely unique among roses as they represent an significant phase in the development from the ancient to the new. They were named after the Indian Ocean island Ile de Bourbon, today known as Reunion. That means the name is related only indirectly to the last kings of France, the Bourbons.

These magnificent rose flowers were first introduced by Henri Antoine Jacques in France in 1820. They emerged in the Indian Ocean on the island of Bourbon Île (now La Reunion). They are fragrant and full, and come to light blush and pure white, in shades like dark red and beautiful pink.

  1. Damask Rose

The flowers are renowned for their fine fragrance and are cultivated commercially for rose oil (“rose otto” or “rose absolute”) used in perfumery to make rose water and “rose concrete.” The flower petals are edible, too. They can be used as a garnish for flavoring food, as herbal tea, and preserved as gulkand in sugar.

The Damask rose is a deciduous shrub that grows to 2.2 meters (7 ft 3 in.) tall, the stems densely packed with thick, curved prickles and steep bristles. The leaves are pinnate, with 5 leaflets (rarely seven). The roses are a light to strongly purple to bright red. The fairly small flowers are rising in groups. The bush is casual in form. It is considered an significant type of Old Rose, and is also significant for its prominent position in many other forms of pedigree.

  1. Hybrid Tea

Hybrid tea for a group of garden roses is an informal, horticultural grouping. Two types of roses were developed by cross-breeding, initially by hybridizing perpetual hybrid roses with tea roses. It is the oldest group which has been listed as a modern rose garden.

Hybrid teas show characteristics halfway between the two parents, being tougher than the sometimes very tender teas (although not as hardy as the perpetual hybrid), and more likely to repeat-flower than the very misleadingly-named perpetual hybrid teas (if not as ever-blooming as the teas).

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Hybrid tea flowers are well shaped with wide, high centered buds, supported by long, straight and upright stems. Can flora can grow to a width of 8–12,5 cm. Because of its color and floral shape, hybrid teas are the most common type of rose by choice in the world. Typically their flowers are borne individually at the end of long stems which makes them common as cut flowers.

Depending on the cultivar, growing conditions and pruning regime, most hybrid tea bushes tend to be somewhat upright in habit and achieve between 0.75 and 2.0 meters in height. This is the regional flora of the capital city of Islamabad.