Top 10 Most BTop 10 Most Beautiful Finnish Womeneautiful Finnish Women
  1. Satu Tuomisto

Born: 17 February 1986

Satu Sinikka Tuomisto is a Finnish model who won the competition for Miss Finland in 2008. She has also taken part in the selection for Miss Universe 2008.


  1. jenni Vartiainen

Born: 20 March 1983

Jenni Mari Vartiainen is a pop singer from Finnish. She was a figure skater in her teenage years before her early musical endeavours, and attended the Kuopio Senior High of Music and Dance. Vartiainen rose to prominence with Susanna Korvala, Ushma Karnani (currently Olava) and Jonna Pirinen winning the Finnish talent show Popstars in October 2002. The four formed the Gimmel band which released three studio albums, sold over 160,000 records, and was awarded three Emma Awards.

  1. Rita Aaltolathi

Born: 1988

Profession: Model

  1. Hanna Poulsen

Born: 9 February 1984

Hanna Poulsen is a Finnish model who was Miss Finland in 2005, and a contestant on the 2005 pageant of Miss Universe.

In 2012 she married Henrik Poulsen. They have two kids.

  1. Elina Tervo

Born: 1986

Profession: Model

Very Known: Fitness model of Finland