Top 10 Hottest Venezuelan Models
  1. Francys Sudnicka

Born: 9 December 1979

Polish-Venezuelan model is Francys Sudnicka. She was born in Valencia, Venezuela, and until her adolescence she lived in Poland. She then traveled to Venezuela for pageantry, before returning to Poland for good.

Francys Mayela Sudnicka was born in Valencia, Venezuela, on 9th December 1979. Through the Polish ancestry of her grandparents, Sudnicka’s parents were able to travel with her to Poland at age 2. Sudnicka went to the Polish school and remained there until puberty. She never lost Venezuelan citizenship despite this, and was thus able to represent Venezuela on beauty pageants. In 2002 Sudnicka briefly returned to Venezuela for this reason.

Top 10 Hottest Venezuelan Models

  1. Blanca Aljibes

She has appeared in numerous beauty pageant shows held internationally and also won the Venezuelan beauty pageant title in the year 2011. She has won many awards for her work in modeling. In the year 2012, she participated as Miss International’s beauty pageant in Okinawa. She was named at “Miss Universe 2012” in Las Vegas as second runner-up.

Top 10 Hottest Venezuelan Models

  1. Ly Jonaitis

Born: 12 October 1985

Lydimar Carolina Jonaitis Escalona is a Venezuelan singer, model and queen of beauty who won the 2006 pageant for Miss Venezuela and then went on to compete on the 2007 pageant for Miss Universe.

She then flew to Mexico City on May 28, 2007, to represent Venezuela on the Miss Universe 2007 pageant. She became the pageant’s second runner-up, just behind Japan’s Riyo Mori (Winner) and Brazil’s Natália Guimarães (1st Runner-Up).

Top 10 Hottest Venezuelan Models

  1. Daniela Kosan

Born: 24 February 1974

Daniela Kosán Montcourt is a Venezuelan TV presenter and model. In 1997 she was a contestant on the Miss Venezuela pageant and a major favorite for the crown behind Cristina Dieckmann; after Dieckmann and Veruska Ramirez, the eventual winner, Kosan placed third in the final contest.

She appeared in the 1997 Miss Venezuela pageant contest, and after Cristina Dieckmann obtained the crown. After Veruska Ramirez and Dieckmann she was put in the contest as 3rd.

Top 10 Hottest Venezuelan Models

  1. Gaby Espino

Born: 15 November 1976

Gaby Espino was born in Caracas, Venezuela, and is the daughter of a chemical engineer and a publicist. She is of Spanish descent and of Lebanese descent. When she was young, her parents divorced. She’s the oldest of five daughters, she’s got a sister, Andreina, two paternal half-brothers, Gustavo and Mariano, and Nelly, a motherly half-sister.

She originally planned to become a veterinarian because of her animal obsession. Eventually she decided to study dentistry, but changed her mind and started to study public relations before she decided to become an actress.

She is highly regarded for her extensive Telenovela roles. She studied dentistry before modeling career but her dream was to become an actress so she dropped her studies.

Top 10 Hottest Venezuelan Models

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