Top 10 Hottest Female Shooters


10. Gabby Franco

As a girl, she had been very lively and lovingly practicing various sports like swimming, gymnastics, running, etc. There she won 3 Gold Medals. Also in the USA, Gabby started to work in the Weapons industry and later became more interested in the USPSA and Tactical shooting.

9. Kirsten Joy Weiss

She started her rifle career in Olympic style in the latter part of her high school years but quickly made up for time. She won gold at the Bisley, England International Cup and obtained a scholarship from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for collegiate rifle. From there, she made the national development team, played in World Championships, World Cups, shortlisted the Olympics and won several more national and international championships.

8. Jessie Duff

Jessie Harrison, also known as Jessie Abbate and Jessie Duff, is an American sport shooter from McDonough, Georgia who took silver at the 2017 IPSC Handgun World Shoot in Châteauroux, France, in the Open Division Lady category, and bronze at the 2011 IPSC Handgun World Shoot in Rhodes, Greece. She took gold in the Open division Lady category in 2015 and silver in 2013 at the IPSC US Pistol Championship. She also holds 16 gold medals for the USPSA Handgun Championship Lady category.

Jessie’s shooting career began in Cowboy Action Shooting before switching to multigun and Steel Competition. Its focus today is on IPSC and USPSA, the Steel Challenge and NRA Action Pistol. Jessie is considered to be the first female shooter to reach the rank of Grand Master (GM) in the United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA), which she did in the USPSA Open division by winning an average of 95 percent or more in the classification courses.

7. Janna Reeves

Also known as Miss BattleBorn, from this 3 Gun pro one can really expect great things and testify that this incredible woman can actually shoot. Although she is all business when she’s at the buzzer, for a lot of the junior female shooters out there, Janna is like a big sister in its true sense.

6. Katie Francis

Philip Douglas Taylor, nicknamed The Force, is a retired English professional darts player. For over two decades, Taylor dominated the darts and won 214 professional tournaments including a record 85 major titles and a record 16 World Championships. In 2015, he was rated by the BBC as one of the top ten British sportsmen of the last 35 years. He is the most successful and richest dart player in history.

Taylor won eight consecutive World Championships from 1995 to 2002, reached 14 consecutive finals from 1994 to 2007 and reached 21 world finals overall, all of which are records. He retained the world number one ranking for thirteen years in total, including eight in a row from 2006–2013. He has won 70 PDC Pro Tour tournaments, a record until it was passed by Michael van Gerwen in February 2019.

5. Natalie Foster

CEO and the standing co-founder of Girls Guide to Weapons, an NRA Spokesperson, and also the host of the NRA’s web series Love at First Fired, it’s not a cliché to suggest Natalie is doing her best to get women into firearms accordingly.

4. Julie Golob

Julie Goloski Golob is a professional American sport shooter with one gold and seven gold medals of the Ladies Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championships. She also has 2 US IPSC Nationals Lady titles and 13 USPSA Pistol Nationals Lady titles, and is the first USPSA National Champion in history to have seven Divisions.

When she was fourteen, Julie Goloski began her shooting career and practiced with her father, Pete Goloski. She continued to play through high school, and met the Army Action Shooting Team coach in 1994. A letter of approval was submitted by the coach and Julie entered the U.S. Army. She competed at the USPSA Nationals in 1999, and eventually won in the Small and Free Division. She was also named the Year’s U.S. Army Athlete that year.

3. Kim Rhode

Kimberly Susan Rhode is an American skeet-shooter and double trap. A native of California, she is a six-time Olympic medal ist in double trap, including three gold medals, and six-time national champion. As the only triple Olympic Champion and the only woman to have won two Olympic gold medals for Double Trap, she is the most successful Olympic women shooter. At the 2012 Summer Olympics she won a gold medal in skeet shooting, equaling the world record of 99 of 100 clays. She has won the bronze medal at the 2016 Olympics in Rio most recently, making her the first Olympian to win a medal on five different continents.

Rhode, at 13, won her first women’s double trap shooting title in the world championship. She has concentrated on skeet after double trap shooting was eliminated from the 2008 Summer Olympics. In 1995, Rhode became a distinguished shooter internationally. She has won 19 Gold, 7 Silver and 8 Bronze medals in ISSF World Cup competition.

2. Anette Wachter

Anette has compiled a remarkable record of wins, records, and medals gloriously representing the US for the international individual as well as team. In sports which have no separate divisions. She is the one team player you want to pick for your side at 1000 yards on a scorching day and her fun nature really makes her welcome across the globe. Mostly so that after she kicks our asses we can carry her into a chair.

1. Tori Nonaka

Tori M. Nonaka is an American sport shooter in the Lady Standard Division category (2011 and 2014) with two IPSC Handgun World Shoot silver medals. She was one of three Team GLOCK leaders. She grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia where she began shooting at age 3. Tori attended the US Shooting Academy at age 12, which sparked her interest in becoming a professional shooter and led her to start competitively shooting. GLOCK, Inc. revealed on March 2, 2011, that Tori, 15, will become a member of Team GLOCK Shooting Squad. Tori went independent in March 2017, and left Team Glock.

In 2013 Tori won both the IPSC Australasia Handgun Championship in Rotorua, NZ, and the IPSC European Handgun Championship in Barcelos, Portugal, for the ladies standard class. Once she became the 2013 USPSA Limited 10 Ladies champion, Tori became the youngest person ever (age 18) to win a USPSA Handgun Nationals title.