Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2020

5. Lisa Kensington

The New York-based multi-talented lady serves as a renowned model and DJ. With her distinctive and elegant style of music that no one else can equal, the audience praised her. She is known to blend sexy vocals that accentuate her personality and make the place lighter.

Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2020
Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2020

4. Tenashar

Considered one of the most beautiful DJs on earth, Tenashar, who belongs to Asia, can give a run for their money to any other female DJ. She definitely has an edge over others among the hottest female DJs. Although she has an innocent face, there is a super-hot body in the stunning beauty that makes her sensual and elevates her music style.

Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2020
Top 10 Hottest Female DJs of 2020

3. Ane Teri

The enviable hot Ukrainian DJ is beautiful and sexy that while playing in VIP clubs and parties she can get away with anything. She has undoubtedly made her mark among the hottest female DJs in the world with her stunning looks and beautiful body, making it the top 3 on this list.

2. Tamara Sky

What it takes to be among the best-looking DJs in the world is a perfect figure and a beautiful face. Her charisma is always catching up as she can improve the party’s music and energy. Her slim body makes her super-hot and desirable among the world’s best female DJs. This professional Puerto Rican disc jockey and model has her tunes and good looks already spinning and swaying the world.

1. Seherezade

She’s been a well-known and reputable DJ for many years, not only because of her bold and glamorous looks, but also because she’s an old model who’s done a lot of photo shoots for FHM. It’s fascinating to watch her play at any party with an appealing personality. She really boosts the party atmosphere and guarantees a great time for everyone on the dance floor.

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