Top 10 Exotic Man-Made Infinity Pools


10 Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena

The Hotel Hacienda Na Xamena is a new addition to Ibiza’s party scene, nestled in a national park on the edge of one of the island’s steep cliffs overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, with enormous and gorgeous infinity pools cascading down the hillside. The infinity pools at Suspended Waterfall provide an unique vista of azure waters and patchy, boulder-like pebbles. As if the scenery and numerous levels of beautiful blue waters in the vanishing edge pools weren’t enough, the pools also offer a hydrotherapy circuit.

9 Hotel Caruso

Hotel Caruso is built on a clifftop in Ravello, Italy, with an infinity pool at 1000 feet above sea level, the highest point above the town. The heated infinity pool is fully new, despite the fact that the hotel is a historic 11th century edifice that was originally utilised as a palazzo. Because the hotel is located in a location that gives views of all of Italy’s key attractions, such as the dazzling Mediterranean Sea with rocky cliffs above it, and the gorgeous Amalfi Coast, the panoramas one may enjoy while floating in this vanishing edge pool are absolutely breath-taking.

8 Astarte Suites

The Astarte Suites are located on Santorini Island, Greece, atop volcanic rock. Its pool is one of the world’s most unique man-made infinity pools. While the hotel is near to a variety of cultural and recreational events in the city, visitors are unlikely to be distracted from the fantastic views of the Aegean Sea and caldera from the pool. Apart from the island’s natural beauty, the infinity pool, together with the hotel, is a sight to behold.

7 Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi Resort is located in the Maldives and features a large infinity pool. The hotel may have a one-of-a-kind underwater spa with glass walls so that guests can relax and enjoy views of passing marine life, but what makes this hotel even more appealing is its zero-edge infinity pool that stretches out right over a private lagoon in the Indian Ocean, and because it is studded with submerged lights, the waters appear to be a piece of a very starry sky, giving guests a fantasy swimming experience.

6 Golden Triangle Resort

The Golden Triangle Resort’s pool is one of the world’s most unique man-made infinity pools, and it’s set in a stunning tropical backdrop in Chiang Rai, Thailand. The hotel is situated on a mountaintop surrounded by 160 acres of rich forest vegetation. Even though visitors may have an interactive stay at the hotel by riding the property’s resident elephants, they will find it difficult to leave the stunning infinity pool. The pool itself is lovely, with a floral bed visible through the sparkling water.

5 Serenity Pool at Four Seasons Resort

The Four Seasons Resort in Maui, Hawaii, is known for its Serenity Pool, which is considered one of the greatest infinity pools in the world. It is positioned on the resort’s southernmost edge and provides panoramic views of the West Maui mountain range and the Pacific Ocean’s island of Lanai. There are four bubble loungers for optimum relaxation to accompany the wonderful vistas. To establish the ambiance, the pool has an underwater music system. The guests’ most difficult decision is choose which luxury cabana to reserve.

4 Marina Bay Sands Hotel

Singapore is home to the Marina Bay Sands Hotel. Its infinity pool defies all preconceptions of tropical beaches or mountain vistas, since it offers a spectacular perspective of the downtown skyline. The pool is placed within a cantilevered platform that overhangs the 60-story hotel, which is 679 feet above the city, and spans 500 feet over Sands SkyPark. The pool’s undetectable boundaries provide the impression that the swimmer is about to swim right off the building’s edge.

3 Jade Mountains

The enticing resort of Jade Mountain is located in Soufrière, St. Lucia, and features 29 villas, each with an attached private infinity-edge pool. These pools are known as’sanctuaries,’ and they are divided into galaxies, suns, moons, and stars based on their size. Each pool is unique, with shimmering glass tiles that appear to pour out into the Caribbean Sea as guests take in views of the island’s Pitons, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The fiber-optic lights allow one to float under the sky at night.

2 Capella Pedregal

Capella Pedregal is a unique boutique hotel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, near the southern point of the Baja Peninsula. It features two wonderful infinity pools that are visible from the hotel suites. The spectacular man-made infinity pools are located just a few steps above the Pacific Ocean, which meets the Sea of Cortez at the resort’s edge, and the sandy beach that surrounds the wonderful waters. Enjoy exquisite beverages from the swim-up bar while enjoying a plunge in the infinity pools or reclining beachside.

1 Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel

The Ubud Hanging Gardens Hotel is located in Bali, Indonesia, and is a haven for infinity pool aficionados. You might wonder why. To begin with, the hotel boasts numerous levels of infinity pools that were inspired by the shape and beauty of the surrounding hills and were constructed with the towering aspect of a natural cliff-side. Furthermore, each of the guest rooms has its own little infinity-edge pool in addition to the two main pools. Guests may enjoy the tropical atmosphere while relaxing in the pool waters, admiring the views of the Pura Penataran Dalem Segara temple or the surrounding landscapes.