Top 10 Exotic Attractions of Indonesia


10 Jakarta Beach.

Ancol Beach is the closest beach to the capital, and it’s the only beach in Jakarta you can enter without a ferry. Currently, the beach is fairly popular with city dwellers and visitors visiting the city as a weekend getaway. … Ancol Beach is also one of the best beaches near the airport in Jakarta. Often exceptional among the most unfair metropolitan populations in Asia is the beach of Jakarta.

9 Bali Beach.

Bali is renowned for its forested volcanic ranges, iconic rice paddies, beaches and coral reefs, and is an Indonesian island. The island is home to holy sites such as Uluwatu Temple, a cliffside. To the south, there are vibrant bars in the beach town of Kuta, while Seminyak, Sanur and Nusa Dua are popular resort towns. The island is also renowned for its retreats for yoga and meditation.

8 Baliem Valley.

This valley lies in western New Guinea’s highlands, this was not known to the world until 1938 when it is renowned for its huge agricultural population, Wamena is the starting point for most tourists who came to enjoy the tribal settlements, views of nature such as mountains, rivers, etc.

7 Kota Beach.

If you may rather see civilization than sand and sun during your holiday to this area look at the beach and town of Kota is the best to visit. As a demonstration of that time, you can appreciate the provincial influence of the Dutch structure and the pioneering structures and distinct structures. Fatahillah, the rock stone and other trench of Kali beach, is another striking position in the range. You may also visit the museum, which was originally built in 1627. In memorabilia and the Dutch pioneer era, you can look at various kinds of different structures.

6 Bunaken.

Bunaken is an 8-km2 island, part of the National Marine Park of Bunaken. At the northern tip of the island of Sulawesi, Indonesia, Bunaken is situated. It belongs to the municipality of Manado on an administrative basis. Scuba diving draws many of the island’s tourists.

5 Wakatobi Beach.

There are various interesting beaches in Indonesia; Wakatobi Beach is one of them. In South East Sulawesi, Wakatobi Beach is visible. In view of the fact that it has fantastic viewpoint on the surface of the beach, many travellers go to Wakatobi beach. Wakatobi is now well referred to internationally, and mind boggling is said to be the best places to hop with underwater landscapes. You will see the delightful coral reefs in Wakatobi, and the right decision for lovers of holiday hopping.

4 Raja Ampat.

The Raja Ampat Islands are an Indonesian archipelago situated off the northwest tip of West Papua’s Bird’s Head Peninsula. Raja Ampat consists of hundreds of jungle-covered islands and is known for its beaches and coral reefs that are abundant in aquatic life. On Misool Island, there are ancient rock paintings and caves, while the crimson bird of paradise lives on Waigeo Island. The archipelago’s other major islands are Batanta and Salawati. Papua plunging on the island like alternative reefs, where Mansuar looks wonderful as a result of its forests are still administered and clear ocean water such that marine life can be seen unmistakably not a long way from the shore.

3 Borobudur.

In Magelang Regency, not far from the town of Muntilan, in Central Java, Indonesia, Borobudur, or Barabudur, is a 9th-century Mahayana Buddhist temple. It is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Nine stacked platforms, six square and three circular, topped by a single dome, make up the sanctuary. It is currently concealed in the jungle beneath clouds of volcanic ash, which is why it is obscure.

2 Parangtritis Beach.

Especially when day break and dusk arrive, it has the perfect view. The geographic area of the beach consists of a ridge line in the east and a sand beach in the west. The sandy beach covers the entire surface of the beach which renders it a desert-like meadow. To the west, just sand is the degree to which the eye can see there. So no great deal if many holidaymakers have opted to visit Parangtritis when they try to cook out at Yogyakarta.

1 Senggigi Beach.

There are various explanations why neighbourhood sightseers as well as remote travellers on the globe invest in this place. First and foremost, you can conveniently find a combination of pubs, bars, nightclubs, travel services, photo printers, cash changers, and gift shops. Close that, Senggigi beach is not just a nice beach, Senggigi even has the flabbier under the water. Senggigi is exceptionally delightful beneath the waves, and vacationers will snorkel as pleased as on the grounds that the wave is not gigantic. On these lines, you don’t have to consider long to visit this location because it’s incredibly excellent with a wealth of appeal.