Top 10 Countries for Plastic Surgery

10 Colombia

The country has been visited by more than 1 million people and insiders estimate that at least 3 percent come for plastic operations. Travel agents and plastic surgeons in Colombia frequently advertise a two-week surgery vacation package that includes operations such as liposuction, breast lifts and calve changes, while also including maid-service apartments (not as a sightseeing center, but as a post-op recovery location).

9 France

The World Health Organization has said France has the world’s best and most successful healthcare system. Some of the best techniques in cosmetic surgery originally originated in France, where many top surgeons and practitioners are now coming from around the world to be educated in France. Recently, the country’s image has suffered as a result of a recent controversy involving faulty silicone gel breast implants manufactured by French company PIP (Poly Implant Prosthese), which was found to be substandard with a fairly high risk of bursting, albeit approved by the French Government.

8  India

One of the leading destinations for cosmetic surgery at low cost, India has world-class hospitals with much lower construction costs that translate into significantly lower cosmetic surgery costs. Many Indian medical tourism destinations provide holidaymakers with a beach or other high-end resort package, and while airline tickets can be very costly, patients also enjoy 90 per cent savings on plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures compared to similar American procedures. The growth of the Indian cosmetic surgery sector has, of course, been guided not only by inbound patients but also by a growing number of domestic patients.

7 South Korea

Seoul, South Korea, is the capital of global plastic chirurgy.

For what the concentration? Since South Korea has the most plastic surgery per capita on Earth with more than 980,000 operations reported in 2014. That’s 20 procedures per 1,000 men, placing it ahead of the 13 procedures per 1,000 in the United States. And since 2009, Korea’s had the most operations per capita.

To learn more about why plastic surgery is so important to the community, Tech Insider visited JK Plastic Surgery, one of South Korea’s leading cosmetic centres.

6 Italy

Italy has one of the highest plastic surgery takeovers in the world, with eyelid and breast surgery being particularly common, according to a new survey.

In Italy, 182,680 plastic surgery procedures were performed last year, placing the country in eighth position worldwide, according to statistics released by the International Society of Esthetic Plastic Surgery (Isaps).

Recently, the number of male patients rose. Around 70 percent of our patients are female; this is because breast enlargement is one of the most common surgeries.

5 Mexico

The Medical Tourism industry is rising. And although many countries offer surgery at lower costs than the U.S., Mexico is among the most common. Mexico ranks fifth worldwide with the most cosmetic procedures according to the International Society with Esthetic Plastic Surgery. In Mexico plastic surgery is a perfect way to get high quality work at an affordable price.

One of the most obvious advantages of plastic surgery here is the cost. The cosmetic surgery is coming at a high price in the United States. Even if you have insurance, it’s unlikely the coverage will cover any cosmetic procedures. You’re left to pay out of pocket which could empty your bank account quickly.



4 Japan

Tokyo is the Japan’s main plastic surgery center. Its effect on Japanese culture has an impact on the country’s entire population and on all members of society including men, women and children. Although changing beauty ideals continue to drive this activity, plastic surgery is primarily used today in Japan for vocational, sociological, and medical reasons.

Japan’s most successful and safest method of plastic surgery uses a non-incisional, scar-free technique to construct cosmetic double eyelids (commonly requested by Asian patients) or to correct upper eyelid slackening. The improved twisted double suture (DST) technique employs double sutures and twists on each upper eyelid, completes 60 minutes, and rarely requires total sedation.

3 China

China has one of the highest number of cosmetic surgeries and procedures carried out among the countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Intensifying obsession with physical appearance by the Chinese, which in recent years has increased demand for cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic surgery was launched in Beijing in 1994, and the industry has since grown significantly. Each year, in its plastic surgery department, Beijing’s China-Japan Friendship Hospital catered for a total of 20,000 to 30,000 people and the numbers have gradually risen over the years.

2 Brazil

However, in Brazil, patients are thought to have the “right to beauty.” In public hospitals, plastic surgery is either free or low-cost, and almost half a million procedures are funded by the government each year.

As a medical anthropologist I researched plastic surgery in Brazil for years. While many patients are extremely grateful for the opportunity to become beautiful, there is a darker side to it of the “right to beauty.”

The very long queues in public hospitals for plastic surgery — with waiting times of several months or even years — seem to confirm this overwhelming demand for beauty. It has made Brazil the world’s second-largest user of plastic surgery, with 1.2 million procedures conducted per year.

1 United States of America

This country in North America is relatively renowned for having some of the best plastic surgery doctors. Here thousands of people improve their physical characteristics at a very fair price per year.

The country has some very experienced and skilled surgeons recognised for having performed several successful procedures. There, patients have good negotiating power, which is why so many people fly to that country to have the surgery each year.

Back in 2010 the country had completed more than 13 million minimally invasive and surgical operations, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. The butt augmentation, breast enhancement, and liposuction are among the most common procedures. Miami tops the list in terms of producing plastic surgeons across all the states, New York comes in second, while Los Angeles is in sixth.