Top 10 Cocktails that You Need to Kiss


10 Moscow Mule

A mule from Moscow is a cocktail made with vodka, spicy ginger beer and lime juice, garnished with a lime slice or wedge. It is a kind of buck, so sometimes called a buck vodka. The Moscow mule is served popularly in a copper mug which takes on the liquid’s cold temperature. However, this drink has nothing to do with Moscow or Mule, who cares about a few shots? The vodka is the main ingredient that has been splashed along with the ginger beer, lime juice and a lime wedge garnish.

9 Dirty Martini

The martini is a drink made of gin and vermouth, and garnished with a slice of olives or lemons. The Martini has been one of the best known blended alcoholic drinks over the years. H. L. Mencken referred to the martini as “the only great American creation like the sonnet,” and E. B. Martini is a gin / vodka blend, with a vermouth tap. Mix in the olive brine and a few solid olive leaves preferably blue cheese to make your martini filthy. Drink it on the rocks or strain it in a chilled bottle, it does make sense anyway.

8 Pina Colada

The piña colada is a sweet cocktail made with rum, coconut or coconut milk cream, and pineapple juice, usually served either mixed or ice-shaken. It can be garnished either with a pineapple slice, cherry maraschino, or both. The sweet pineapple tropical blend topped with either the coconut cream or the coconut milk includes two shades of rum, both dark and white. It’s light and refreshing, and is often served on the rocks with the ice.

7 Manhattan

A Manhattan is a bourbon cocktail made with light vermouth and bitters. Although rye is the standard whiskey of choice, Canadian whiskey, bourbon, distilled whiskey and tennessee whiskey are other widely used whiskies. It is a classic beauty that has reigned since the 1800s in the cocktail industry. An all-time favorite whose interest hasn’t diminished just an iota ever since is a combination of crushed ice, bourbon or rye whisky, sweet vermouth and a sprinkle of bitters of angostura. The sophisticated is a bit heavy, but if they want to, inexperienced drinkers may take the chance, even if it straddles the borders between the sweet and savory ones.

6 Tom Collins

The Tom Collins is a drink made from gin, lemon juice , sugar and carbonated water made by Collins. First written memorialized in 1876 by “the founder of American mixology” Jerry Thomas, this “wine and sparkling lemonade” cocktail is traditionally served in a Collins glass over ice. While Collins gets his name from a hoax parading around the city of New York, this evergreen is no joke. The gin, lemon juice, sugar / syrup, and carbonated soda concoction make this cocktail prince taste tart, sweet and fizzy.

5 French 75

French 75 is a gin, champagne, lemon juice and a sugar cocktail. It is also known as a 75 Cocktail, or simply a Soixante Quinze in French. The drink dates back to World War I, and in 1915 Barman Harry MacElhone created an early form at the New York Bar in Paris — later Harry’s New York Bar. As elegant as the name is, this cocktail is light and straight with only an impeccable mixture of champagne, lemon juice and sweet syrup dashes to provide little sweet tones. It is the drink you can eat all night and still stay the lady you were before you tried on the shots with your mouth.

4 Hurricane

The Hurricane cocktail is a sweet alcoholic beverage made from rum, lemon juice, and syrup of passion fruit. It is one of several popular beverages served in New Orleans. It is traditionally served in the tall, curvy “hurricane glass” of the same name. This fun drink based on rum from New Orleans is a topical drink which is usually served chilled with ice on the rocks. A boozy blend of white and dark rum filled with passion fruit juices and orange juice.

3 Americano

The Americano is an official IBA cocktail composed of Campari, sweet vermouth and with a slice of lemon garnished for the sparkling version, club soda. The drink was first served in the 1860’s at the bar of founder Gaspare Campari, Caffè Campari.

2 Vesper

The Vesper or Vesper Martini is a cocktail made of gin, vodka, and Kina Lillet, originally. Since its initial publication in print, the formulas of its ingredients have changed, and so some modern bartenders have developed new versions that aim to imitate the original taste more closely. This is the martini ordered by James Bond in both the book and Cassino Royale movies. Composed of a heavy shaking of vodka, kina lillet and gin, this cocktail is ice cold, bitter and rough as was the Vesper character herself.

1 Gibson

The Gibson is a mixed drink made of gin and dry vermouth, and often garnished with a pickled onion. It’s considered a relative of the more popular martini in its current incarnation, characterized more by garnishing with an onion rather than an olive. This martini is a relative of dirty martini, which replaces the olives with the Gibson martini onions. A classic mix of gin and vermouth, an American businessman was dreaming of using martini pickled onions because he thought it was going to keep the cold at bay.