Top 10 Child Actors Who Disappeared from Hollywood


10 Macaulay Culkin.

He was the greatest child star of his day, starring in everybody’s beloved Christmas movie, “Home Alone,” before he just went missing. Sure, as he grew older, he did a few other things, but eventually he lost himself to opioid use and other struggles of life. His long-term friendship with actress Mila Kunis has been in the headlines here and there, but he’s been out of the spotlight for many years.

9 Ariana Richards.

Ariana Clarice Richards is a painter and former actress from America. She is best known for her appearance as Lex Murphy in Jurassic Park, the blockbuster film. For her acting, Richards received numerous Young Artist Awards, but has concentrated on her art career after adulthood. She was the kid who starred in popular movies like “Jurassic Park,” and also in shows like Boy Meets World, and then she just vanished. Since she left Hollywood, she has been focusing on her life, and that includes attending school, dating and finding her way back to the mainstream when she started to reappear in films and shows back in 2013.

8 Jonathan Lipnicki.

Jonathan William Lipnicki is an American actor and director and, as a child actor, is known for his roles. He has starred in movies like Jerry Maguire, Stuart Little and Stuart Little 2, The Little Vampire, and Like Mike in 2002. This boy is sort of cute. He was the little boy who was with the famous Tom Cruise in the really famous movie, Jerry Maguire, and he’s someone who just seems to have a very great future ahead of him. For a bit, he appeared in just about all, and then he vanished. He moved somewhere else and started enjoying a regular life. Over the years, he has featured in a few things, but he still sticks to himself and remains out of the spotlight.

7 Amy O’Neill.

She is the girl from the hugely successful “Honey I Shrunk the Kids,” and she was loved by everyone. Back then, it seemed as if she might move on and have some more success, but she didn’t. As a consequence, she started getting invites for roles that wanted her to remove some of her clothes, and she chose to leave Hollywood. She’s been offered a job doing something else since then; hopping on stilts.

6 Haley Joel Osment.

From that point on, you remember his name as the little boy who saw dead people in the “Sixth Dimension,” who was about as cute as they were. He was in some really good movies, and before he just got up and vanished, he seemed to have a bright future. He spends his time doing things a bit more productively now. He graduated from the NYU Tisch School of the Arts and is joining the television world again.

5 Joseph Mazzello.

This is Jurassic Park’s little guy, and you may not even know him now. Or maybe you do; he wanted to go to film school, attending and graduating from USC when he left Hollywood as a teenager. Recently, he ‘s appeared in several big movies, including The Social Network, and a few lesser-known roles. He does very well, but he likes to stick to himself.

4 Jeff Cohen.

“The Goonies” is one of the most incredible movies ever made, hands down. You can’t ask a kid who grew up in my age if they recall any other film better or not. They’re a classic. That’s the kind of movie we’re all quoting to this day, and that’s the kid that Chunk was watching. Since his days as a child star, the only thing he’s done is get a few voices over acting roles, but even those were in the 1980s, so we’re not even sure they qualify at this stage.

3 Maia Brewton.

Adventures of Babysitting, “was one of my favourite childhood movies, maybe.” It was like anything that we imagined would happen in real life, except in real life, it didn’t really happen. This is the girl who played the Thor hat for the boy, and we loved her. Too bad she didn’t do anything more, though, with her lifetime. She went to Yale, graduated from law school on that note, and now she’s married to her wife and has twin sons as she works as a very good lawyer. We ‘d say she’s actually making a living.

2 Liesel Matthews.

She’s the “Air Force One” and “Little Princess” girl, and she doesn’t come from anything else. In both roles, she was fine, but she decided not to do any further work. Perhaps it’s because she is the heiress to the fortune of the Hyatt hotel, so she doesn’t even need to work to make ends meet. Or maybe it’s that she is so charitable and giving that, in an attempt to give back to the rest of the world, she has launched some of her own enterprises. Any way.

1 Alisan Porter.

She was Curly Sue and she was in Parenthood, and she was the youngest kid ever to win Star Search in the history of the series, making her pretty talented. She’s got a new idea going on at the moment, but since she’s not in the spotlight at the moment, that doesn’t mean much yet. We miss her and her sweet acting talent, and soon we expect to see her again.