Top 10 Best Tricks to Unlock Android Phones


10 Unlocking the Android phone via Factory Reset

The simplest technique of unlocking any locked Android phone is to perform a factory reset! Wait a few moments after turning off the Android phone. At the same moment, press the ‘+’ volume key and the power button. The recovery mode of your Android phone would appear on the screen. Choose the Factory Reset option from the menu. You will be presented with a menu of options, from which you must choose Wipe Cache Partition to Clean Data. You can now turn on your phone once the process is completed. It has been unlocked! This approach will undoubtedly unlock the cellphone, but it comes with the danger of losing all of your saved data in the phone memory, as this procedure will erase everything. However, if you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without a Google account, this is the method to use.

9 Overloading the Password Lock Screen

You can apply this trick if your Android handset is running version 5.0-5.1.1. This method can be used to get around the password lock screen. This strategy is also ineffective for devices that are protected by a PIN or a pattern. This method is also incompatible with smartphones running other Android versions.

8 Unlocking locked Android phone using ADM

If you’re looking for a way to unlock an Android phone without doing a factory reset, ADM is the tool for you! Anyone may rapidly open a locked Android smartphone from a PC or laptop using ADM- Android Device Manager. In the web browser on your desktop, go to the android device manager website. Go to your Google account and sign in. Select the lock option from the site’s menu. Create a new password and double-check it. Reset the new password on the locked Android phone by rebooting it. You can now use your phone!

7 Unlocking an Android phone after exceeding the maximum number of Attempts

You can’t overlook this method if you’re studying about the finest ways to unlock android phones if you forget the password or pattern. When a person forgets the unlocking pattern, it is natural to try to unlock the device, but this may be futile if the maximum number of pattern attempts is reached. You may simply avoid exceeding the maximum number of attempts with this approach and try as many times as you like till you unlock the device. Hold down the power button and select the reboot option to have the device reboot automatically! This method is straightforward, and you may use it to enter possible patterns for unlocking the device without losing any data.

6 Bypass the Pattern Lock

If the above method of unlocking Android phones using easy steps does not work for you, try bypassing the pattern lock. The locked Android device must have an active data connection. If you drew the wrong pattern five times, you’ll be prompted to try again in 30 seconds. After that, you’ll see the option ‘Forgot Password,’ which you should tap. The final step of this method is to enter the locked device’s Gmail address and password. Set a new pattern lock by logging in!

5 Unlock Android device without losing Data

How can I simply unlock my Android phone without losing my data? It isn’t simple, but it isn’t difficult either! Install the Android phone’s USB driver on the computer. You’ll need to install a custom recovery on the device, such as Cwm, Twrp, or Ctr. Restart your device and install the ADB quick boot drivers. It must be extracted from any folder. Set the device’s custom recovery and select the Mounts and Storage option after it has successfully rebooted. This step will mount the Android device’s data folder to the PC’s storage space. Simply restart the phone now. Your phone reboots and unlocks without losing any information.

4 Unlocking an Android device without having an Internet Connection

Turn off the Android device and simultaneously hit the Power button and the volume ‘+’ key. Select factory reset/wipe data from the ‘Choose recovery mode’ menu. ‘Yes—delete user data’ should be selected. Now reboot your smartphone, and it should be unlocked!

3 Unlocking the Android phone after too many wrong patterns and without ID and Password

If you try the wrong pattern more than 20 times on your Android phone, you’ll need a Google account ID and password to unlock it. Simply turn off your phone if you are unsure of the ID/Password. You must now long-press three keys at the same time: the menu key, the power key, and the ‘+’ volume key. When you see the brand name on the screen, press all three keys at the same time! The android system recovery is now shown on the screen. Using the volume keys, select the option to wipe data/factory reset. The smartphone will be reset and unlocked if you select the ‘Yes’ option.

2 Unlocking locked Samsung devices powered by Android

If you have an Android-powered Samsung device, you can use the Find My Mobile feature. Go to to learn more. This trick is only valid for devices that are registered with this programme. It is necessary to connect the device to the internet. Go to your Samsung account and log in. You’d be able to acquire a list of possibilities. To unlock your screen, go to the Protect my device header and select Unlock my Screen.

1 Disabling the lock screen with Android SDK

Download, install, and extract the relevant Android SDK’s contents and files. This approach will work if the device’s USB debugging is enabled in the developer menu of the Android device. It’s a feat that needs intense concentration and precise knowledge of the procedure. After you’ve completed the steps, you’ll need to disconnect the USB cable and restart your phone.