Top 10 Best Mobile Phone Insurance Companies in India


10 Gadget Cops

This business offers mobile repair, security, and a variety of insurance services. This insurance firm offers coverage for liquid damage, accidental damage, electrical failures, and warranty extended service. For the next two years, your phone will be completely protected. People can take advantage of this company’s free pickup and cashless delivery services. So you can get your mobile phone insurance from this provider.

9 Onsite Secure

Onsite Secure is another reputable smartphone insurance provider with excellent customer service. This organisation provides extended warranties and mobile insurance and is regarded as one of the top online mobile insurance providers in India. This organisation offers a variety of insurance options that cover various forms of damage, screen protection, and extended warranties. The insurance plan ranges vary, and it is always dependent on the user’s requirements. In most cases, the company repairs the item in authorised centres and returns it to the customer within the delivery date.

8 Warranty Bazaar

Another internet portal where you can ensure your mobile phone is Warranty Bazaar. This business also offers extended warranties at a reasonable price. In India, this organisation is known for providing reliable smartphone insurance. There are four different plans available, ranging from 699 to 30000 rupees. Each of its products includes 12 months of accidental and liquid damage assistance as well as F-secure anti-virus protection. This is a government-registered and reputable firm, so you can use it for your mobile insurance.

7 SyncNscan

This is a reputable company that provides protection against theft, fire, and liquid damage. During the repair process, it also protects your vital data. This organisation offers a variety of plans from which you may choose the ideal one for you based on your needs and budget. This business offers services for iOS, Windows, and Android devices. This organisation offers insurance policies for mobile purchases made through Amazon.

6 Mobile Assist

Mobile Assist is another superior option for you if you’re seeking for one of the best mobile phone insurance firms. Mobile Assist is a reputable firm that offers a variety of mobile phone security insurance products. It covers operating systems such as Blackberry, Windows, Apple, and Android. Customers can be picked up and dropped off at their homes by this company. This company will provide you with a temporary phone to use while your phone is being fixed.

5 AppsDaily

AppsDaily provides one year of comprehensive physical coverage for your smartphone against any sort of physical or liquid damage, as well as burglary and theft. This organisation also saves a backup of your essential SMS and other important data. This is a unique programme that is widely available in the App Store, and it provides a three-step protection claiming process that includes phoning customer service, visiting the nearest location with appropriate documents, submitting them, and picking up your replaced device within ten days.4

4 New India Assurance

The government of India owns this company, which offers liability, commercial, personal, cellular, and mobile phone insurance. It covers riots, terrorist actions, and fire accidents, according to its terms and conditions. It never compensates anyone for meddling with international agreements. In our ranking of the best mobile phone insurance companies in India, this company ranks fourth. The only issue is that this company does not provide any form of internet service.

3 Quick Heal Gadget Securance

Quick Heal provides mobile security and gadget insurance, and this insurance firm will compensate you for physical and liquid damage, theft, fire damage, and burglary. This organisation offers a variety of insurance policies that range in price from 599 rupees to 2,499 rupees. It caters to users of iOS, Windows, and Android. It’s also available for download on the App Store.

2 Times Global Insurance

This company is regarded as one of the best in the field of mobile insurance. You may put your phone, iPhone, and laptops under this reputable company’s protection. This organisation offers mobile phone insurance over the internet. This organisation offers entirely cashless insurance against liquid damage, theft, screen cracks, or any other faults or damage in the event of a loss or theft.

1 Syska Gadget Secure

This is a reputable insurance firm that insures your phone against a variety of risks, including fire, physical or liquid damage, and burglary and theft. If you insure your phone with this firm, you will be compensated for any damage to your phone. You can choose from a variety of mobile insurance options, with prices ranging from 799 to 2,999 rupees.