Top 10 Best Mileage Electric Motorcycles in India 2022


10 Hero Electric Dash

In India, the Dash, a high-mileage electric scooter with a cheap price tag, comes with a long list of amenities. It has a lithium-ion battery with a voltage of 48V and a capacity of 28Ah. It can go 60 kilometres on a single charge and can be fully charged in about four hours. Because this is a low-speed scooter. This motorbike has a peak speed of 25 kilometres per hour. A three-year guarantee is included with the lithium-ion battery. The ground clearance is 144 mm, which is adequate for the route.

9 Hero Electric Photon

The unique Hero electric photon, which is one of India’s best-selling electric scooters, comes in two colours and two models. Its motor produces 1200 watts of power. On both of its wheels, it has a combination braking system. Hero Electric is without a doubt one of India’s premier electric motorbike manufacturers. This is demonstrated with many models produced in Ludhiana, Punjab, and elsewhere. Their two driving modes are power and economy. The format model has a top speed of 45 kilometres per hour. In today’s world, 45 kph is a respectable speed for attending a tournament. The motorbike can travel up to 50 kilometres when using the power model. With a full charge, the economy mode may go up to 80 kilometres.

8 Ather 450

This electric motorbike is unquestionably the finest Indian electric scooter in 2022. It has a lot of entertaining features. The motorbike is built on an ultra-lightweight aluminium frame. A heavy-duty polycarbonate panel adds to the overall weight. The electric motor, which has a power output ranging from 3300 to 5400 watts, is located beneath the riding seat. Ather 450 has a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour. This speed is sufficient to go around any metropolis. Eco, Ride, and Sport are the three riding modes available.

7 Bajaj Chetak

But do you know where it all began? Bike enthusiasts may experience the excitement of adventure with Bajaj unique motorcycles. Bajaj Chetak is available in two editions: the Urbane version and the Premium edition. The Bajaj Chetak features a neo urban design with an all-metal body. The model’s unusual shape lends it even more aristocracy. It has a completely digital instrument panel, circular LED headlights, premium paint finish, and alloy wheels. Bajaj is giving a three-year/50,000-kilometer warranty as a unique deal. The lithium-ion battery is certified IP67 and has a maximum power output of 5.36 horsepower.

6 Kabira Mobility KM 3000

The motorbike is powered by a 6kW BLDc hub motor. The 4.0kw lithium-ion battery pack provides electricity. There are three distinct settings available: eco, regular, and sports. 125kmph is available in the maximum range or sports mode. Eco charge and turbo charge are the two charging options available on this electric bike. To charge to 80% in the green charge mode, it takes 50 minutes. It might take up to 6 hours and 30 minutes for the turbo mode to complete. The motorbike accelerates from 0 to 40 kilometres per hour in 3.3 seconds. This motorcycle’s wheels are constructed of beautiful alloy wheels with tubeless tyres.

5 Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER

A high-mileage electric scooter that is both comfortable to ride and cost-effective. It is popular in 2022 because to its off-road capability, automated transmission, CVT gearbox, and greatest mpg. The braking system on the latest model of this motorbike is a combi brake system. The model is available in three colours: grey, red, and blue. A full charge takes roughly 4 to 5 hours and provides a riding range of 100-110 kilometres. The nicest part about this electric scooter for middle-class Indians is the low price, which ranges between 75 and 80 thousand rupees.

4 Ultraviolette F77

The Ultraviolette F77 is another excellent electric motorbike for 2022, but it is a little pricey. This initiative has already received more than 40 crores from the firm. This firm is a Bangalore-based start-up motorbike company. They specialise on producing sporting bicycles. The most appealing feature of this bike is its eye-catching design and vibrant colours. The 25 KW power is equivalent to 33.5 horsepower. The power is transferred to the back wheel through the chain drive. Not to add, the user gets the sensation of riding a petrol bike without the sound of the engine. With a full charge, the 4.2KWh lithium-ion battery can go 130-150 kilometres.

3 Revolt RV400

In 2022, the Revolt RV400 is another popular electric bike. This motorbike is powered by a 3-KW engine, which is located in the middle of the motorcycle. A belt drive transmits power to the back wheels while also keeping the gearbox quiet. This motorcycle’s power source, or battery, is 3.24KWh. With this, you may go between 140 and 150 kilometres on a single charge. For Indian road conditions, the idling speed is 85 kmph. The speed is covered by the unique RV400.

2 Okinawa i-Praise

The Okinawa i-Praise is another another feature-packed electric scooter. The firm offers a mobile application for download. The mobile application allows you to keep track of your riding stats, battery life, and more. It is a fantastic electric scooter because of features such as central locking, anti-theft alarm, keyless entry, and USB connection. It has a range of up to 160 kilometres on a single charge, making it one of the top electric scooters for mileage in 2022.

1 Harley Davidson LiveWire

Harley Davidson is a well-known and storied brand. The craftsmanship and performance of this motorbike are legendary. Motorcycles are acquired in order to experience the thrill of their maximum power. This electric motorbike looks like any other. It has the same gas-powered capability as other Harley-Davidson vehicles. This motorbike is ideal for novices since it is simple to handle. This motorcycle’s outstanding suspension and shocks provide a secure ride. It accelerates to 60 mph in about three seconds. As a result, it will be the greatest hypercar in 2022.