Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars

Here Is the list of Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars these guys are really famous all over the world and come under list of Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars

10. Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp, who was raised in John Christopher Depp II, won his reputation as the best hot actors in Hollywood because of his portrayal of the eccentric characters in some of the well-known movies such as Charlie, Ed Wood and Chocolate Factory, where he was a director, In the Sleepy Hollow, and Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy.

Johnny Depp is also remembered today at the age of 53 as the hot actors in Hollywood and is recognised for his outstanding good look.


9. Brad Pitt

Bradley Pitt is the recipient of the Golden Globe Trophy, not only because of his good looks and charismatic presence, but also because of his versatility in acting. When he first appeared in the 1991 film Louise and Thelma, since he acted, he went the long way.

He is also well-known throughout the world for his romance, the kind of bad boy gentlemen in Hollywood that won him the spot on the list. The public has also known him since she was the star in a TV Series film. He is increasingly popular for the stars of the several movies after starring in some shows and after that where he received several awards while acting.

8. Robert Downey Jr.

After the Hollywood four decades, Downey Jr. rarely seems to lose rising and losing his popularity. The interesting star is now back on the track and working his own way to a peak following his association with the drugs during his past time. In reality, he appeared in various famous TV series and the critics and fans lauded his performance.

Because of his enthusiastic success and impressive presence, he has the bright future. Robert Downey Jr is 51 years old now, but the teenage girls still drool over him. He legitimately merits the spot in the roll with this.

7. Ryan Reynolds

Besides being the popular of his fun regular guy characters, Ryan Reynolds made the impact in the Hollywood by starring in numerous super heroes and adaptations of the comic book. He starred late in the Deadpool which became the smash to a public eye immediately.

Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars
Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars

On the other hand, the actor’s beautiful face, the nice guy attitude and also the extreme hot body are what attracted everyone’s attention more easily. He’s sure to make the girls fall back on his feet with his looks and perfect smile.

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6. Jake Gyllenhaal

In 2004, Prince of the Persia star by the name of Jake Gyllenhaal became one of the People magazines among the 50 Hot Bachelors with his striking blue eyes, the brown hair, and the stunning oval-shaped face. It’s hard for one to conceive of a flawless success story as the Hollywood star of contemporary Hollywood, proving to be a successful act while creating and supporting any move of the business in the campaign as well.

Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars
Top 10 Best Hollywood Stars

The fans set up the official name for themselves because of countless girls who wanted to lay hands on him: Gyllenhaalics. Once he offered himself to act, he served as a lifesaver, but due to his charming grin that showed his dimples, he’s not near enough to save all girls falling dead due to him.