The Top 5 Things to Do in Grand Cayman


5 Visit Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.

In the Caribbean, the park is one of the nicest. It is a typical Caymanian garden, home to parrots and other birds as well as orchids and iguanas. The Flower Color Greenhouse, a Cayman Heritage Garden, a pool, an orchid boardwalk display and a Blue Iguana Habitat are now all included in the park. There is also a gift shop within the park and an interpretive centre for tourists. For nature and animal enthusiasts, the interpretive centre is a must-see. You should either come and enjoy an hour or two or a whole day here!

4 Go, Island Hopping.

You would need to travel here to visit one of the lesser-known islands of the Cayman Islands, such as Little Cayman or Cayman Brac, so if you are looking for privacy, then a visit to Little Cayman’s Owen Island or Point of Sand is a must for those looking for complete relaxation. You will use Cayman Airways to fly here. With fewer than 200 year-round inhabitants on the island and just a couple of villas and small dive resorts, it’s hard not to find solitude on blissful Little Cayman. Nice swimming, snorkelling, aquatic sports or sitting on the beach can be enjoyed.

3 Explore Camana Bay.

Camana Bay is the newest village in Grand Cayman and is one of the nicest places to visit by day or by night. It is a vibrant city on the waterfront where you can fulfil your foodie cravings, shop for all local items and explore the Local Harvest Market regularly, and Seven Mile Beach is only a short walk away. I recommend going to one at night-time. The village has concerts, pubs, bars and some great late-opening independent and designer stores.

2 Be Adventurous at Stingray City.

If you feel adventurous, we suggest a visit to Stingray City, but the ultimate way to fly is to jet ski on the beach. You will mount your jet ski and ride out into the middle of the ocean to learn that the sea is just up on your knees. Here, nice stingrays will welcome you and remember to kiss one, and for seven years you will have good luck. You drive your jet skis down to Rum Stage, where you can enjoy beachside dining and a rum punch at the nearby rum shack, after you’ve met the Stingrays.

1 Visit Seven Mile Beach.

Going to Grand Cayman and not visiting the best beach on the island, Seven Mile Beach, will be rough. The beach has white powder-like sand and crystal-clear waters nearly 7 miles deep. A generous calculation places the total length at just a little over 6.3 miles, considering the term. There are numerous luxurious 5-star condos on the beach and hotels lining the beaches. The Caribbean Club and the Ritz Carlton are among our personal favourites. The beach also offers plenty of water sports for tourists and enjoyable activities.