Most Popular Cheap Beer in America


10 Miller Lite

On Beer Advocate, one Miller Lite enthusiast said, “Not every beer needs to be a Monet masterpiece or the next wonder of the world.” “Do the union ‘brew masters’ who make Miller Lite care about the head on their beer or the scent that comes out of a glass?” No, they’re only interested in having a good time… Why did I give this beer a perfect score in every category? Well, I enjoy having a good time, and that is exactly what this beer is for.”

9 Stroh’s

Given that Stroh’s was founded in Detroit, it’s no wonder that Michigan is one of the two states where it is the most popular low-cost beer. “Excellent beer. I’m shocked it isn’t more well-known. In a review on Beer Advocate, one Stroh’s enthusiast stated, “It’s a shame.” “Reminds me of a hoppy PBR with less corn sugar.”

8 Keystone Light

The tagline for Keystone Light is “Always Smooth, Even When You’re Not,” and it seems to connect with people of Idaho and Nebraska, where the low-cost beer is the most popular. On Beer Advocate, a devoted Keystone Light fan commented, “Best beer money can buy.” “I’m not going to change my opinion. Every time I open a can, I imagine myself on the peak of the Rockies’ highest mountain.”

7 Yuengling

Yuengling is America’s oldest brewery, with its headquarters in Pottsville, Pennsylvania. The state is so proud of it that it has named it its most popular low-cost beer. However, Yuengling’s native state is not its sole supporter. It’s also the most affordable beer in Florida and Kansas. “Simply said, this is the greatest of the simple, old American lagers. There’s no harshness or aftertaste from the alcohol, it’s just smooth and delicious to drink “..

6 Keystone

Keystone’s full-bodied lager, like Keystone Light, is popular among inexpensive beer drinkers. In Colorado, Oregon, and Oklahoma, it is at the top of the list. “This is something I’ve been seeking for for a long time. In that way, it’s been like the Holy Grail. The finest Keystone, without a doubt “One Beer Advocate reviewer expressed his dissatisfaction with the product.

5 Budweiser

In North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Wyoming, the “King of Beers” may not be the king of inexpensive beers, but it is in North Dakota, New Hampshire, and Wyoming. On Beer Advocate, one Bud aficionado remarked, “Budweiser has become what characterises an American lager.” “It’s pleasant, with no strange bitter aftertaste, and I appreciate the rice flavour.”

4 Coors Light

It’s no surprise that Coors Light is the most popular inexpensive beer in warm-climate areas like Arizona, California, and Nevada because of its refreshing flavour. The fact that it is also the top pick in Minnesota is a little more difficult to explain.

3 Bud Light

The milder form of the “King of Beers,” which has been a fixture of college parties, backyard barbecues, and sports arenas for decades, is still popular in a few states: Alaska, Iowa, Massachusetts, and West Virginia.

2 Michelob Ultra

Michelob Ultra is one of the lightest of the light cheap beers on the market, with only 2.6 grammes of carbs and 95 calories. For residents of Alabama, Arkansas, Hawaii, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee, this appears to be a major selling factor.

1 Natural Light

Natural Light, often known as “Natty Light,” is America’s most popular inexpensive beer. It was the most searched for cheap beer in the following ten states: Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Maine, North Carolina, South Carolina, South Dakota, Vermont, Virginia, and Utah.