No Introduction Needed For That Boho Girl. If niche blogging had a brand ambassador, then it would definitely be Kritika Khurana.

Experienced Blogger with a demonstrated history of working in the media production industry. Skilled in Influencer Marketing, Blogger, Public Speaking, Social Media, and Leadership. Strong marketing professional graduated from St. Lawrence Convent.

What does Kritika Khurana father do?


Her father, Raju Khurana, is a businessman and is the owner of Mahabir Handloom Emporium, Delhi.

Is Kritika Khurana dating?

Current Relationship Status

Now she has a relationship with Aditya Chhabra . She has officially taken to Instagram to introduce her new boyfriend to the world

Aditya Chhabra

How Kritika Khurana started her blog?


I always enjoyed styling. I started with Instagram first, posting ‘ootd- Outfit of the day’ posts on a daily basis. Slowly, I gained followers and I decided to launch my own website.

Why did Kritika Khurana and Karan break up?

Why did Kritika and Karan breakup is still pretty unclear. But she did make an indication that her relationship with her ex-boyfriend Karan Sehgal was pretty toxic. There was also a mention of some money and brand collaborations being hi-jacked by him.
Kritika Khurana: The Boho Girl
Kritika Khurana: The Boho Girl

How much does Kritika Khurana earn?

Kritika Khurana – ₹23,000 to ₹20 Lakh.

HOW MUCH Kritika Khurana earn from Instagram?

According to this list, she charges $ 3000 for a post on Instagram, that is, about 2 lakh 25 thousand rupees, which is much more. Kritika has 8 lakh, 48 thousand followers, on her Instagram.

Kritika khurana